Cloud Business Intelligence (BI)

Engaging insights in the hands of your users

Modern data visualization makes it possible to put powerful and engaging insights in the hands of your business users. It is now time to replace outdated and clunky reporting platforms with cutting-edge, cloud-based tools.

With deep experience across all contemporary Cloud BI platforms, Axtria delivers:

  • A modern BI platform in the Cloud
  • A unique blend of people, process, and technology experience
  • Pre-built integration across industry data sources
  • Pre-built data models and industry reports
  • Strong governance to enable self-service capabilities


Leverage a modern Cloud platform combined with BI-as-a-Service to deliver actionable insight across every area of your business.

  • Certified partnerships with key Cloud BI vendors
  • Best practices for intuitive and engaging visualizations
  • Established data models to accelerate implementation
  • Pre-built data connectors to common industry data sources
  • Ready-made library of 200+ KPIs for quick deployment

Axtria has hands-on experience and deep expertise across all Cloud BI platforms on the market.

Unique blend of people, process, and technology experience: Axtria is the partner of choice for implementing integrated Cloud BI platforms with an optimum blend of industry expertise, process management, and cloud technology.

Axtria has a dedicated Center of Excellence in place with decades of experience in global implementations. Our people are continually certified on the current Cloud BI technologies, with a focus on data source understanding, delivery governance, and user experience.

Pre-built integration across industry data sources: In our experience, the most powerful insights are generated when you are able to rapidly onboard, ingest, and integrate with confidence across multiple data sources.

  • Experience in all key industry data sources
  • Pre-built connectors using standard ETL tools
  • Defined processes to onboard, process, and integrate data
  • Established checks for data integrity and quality
  • Match and merge capabilities to maintain 360-degree view

Pre-built data models and industry reports: Axtria offers a pre-built, yet customizable data model, integration framework, and reporting templates to significantly reduce the development cycle.

  • Mobile-first, intuitive, and engaging design principles
  • Reporting catalog for best practice visualizations
  • Reusable report library with 200+ KPIs
  • Intuitive user interfaces for ease of navigation
  • Industry data models in place to accelerate implementations

Strong governance to enable self-service capabilities: We leverage industry best practices and strong governance to design and implement high performance BI that can be self-served and scaled.

  • Enable a single source of truth
  • Timely, accurate, and high performing reports
  • Well-established change control processes
  • Role and permission based data access
  • Powerful training and knowledge transfer to business users

Why BI Projects Fail?

The term “business intelligence” is all encompassing and there is no one-size-fits-all definition. To start reaping the benefits of BI, your organization must align its data analysis practices with key business objectives.

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