Cloud Data Management

Seamlessly onboard, process, and integrate new data sources

In today’s fast changing business environment, it is critical to rapidly onboard, manage, and govern new commercial data sources for insightful analytics and better decision-making.

With a deep understanding of the industry domain, strong process governance, and flexible technology, Axtria delivers:

  • A modern data management platform in the cloud
  • An experienced data management Center of Excellence (CoE)
  • Industry-ready data models and connectors
  • Built-in data processing and quality engine
  • Strong data governance framework


Modern data management platform in the cloud: Axtria DataMax is a global data management platform that governs the entire data journey, from raw input to actionable insight.

  • End-to-end data management platform in the cloud
  • Central inventory for all commercial data sources
  • Business rules repository to drive data consistency
  • Complete data quality management (DQM)
  • Support all global datasets from central instance

The solution ingests, cleanses, standardizes, and processes data from a variety of sources which may have different file sizes, formats, and frequencies.

Experienced data management CoE:  Axtria has a dedicated CoE for cloud data management, with years of experience in delivering and supporting data management initiatives, developing global data management platforms, and building solution accelerators.

  • Data strategy and advisory services
  • Expertise and awareness of all industry data sources
  • Data integration and validation services
  • Data stewardship and operational activities
  • Governance and support services

Industry-ready data models and connectors: Axtria’s industry experience and expertise has allowed us to pre-build the required data models and connectors to support all new and emerging datasets.

  • Industry-ready data models for all key entities
  • Ability to standardize on data formats
  • Pre-built connectors to industry data sources
  • Industry-ready metadata repository
  • Pre-defined checks for data integrity and quality

Built-in data processing and quality engine: Data insights are only of value if you are confident in their accuracy. Our Data Quality Framework supports proactive quality checks across data onboarding, processing, integrating, and reporting.

  • Pre-defined data quality metrics
  • Proactive data inspection for anomalies and inconsistencies
  • Match, Merge, or Link data from disparate sources
  • Notifications and self-service console to take action
  • Data certification for authentication of data sources

Strong data governance framework: Axtria leverages industry best practices and strong governance for data protection, privacy, and security, which are extremely important across all areas of cloud data management.

  • Consideration for both business and IT stakeholders
  • Strong communications management platform
  • Well-established change management processes
  • Central Business Rules Management repository
  • Deliver operational efficiency and cost savings


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