Enable an Omni-Customer experience and Drive Revenue Growth


Axtria CustomerIQTM

Axtria CustomerIQTM enables life sciences organizations to drive an omni customer experience to maximize commercial activity. Organizations can evolve from a provider centric omni-channel experience, that is unidimensional, to a patient centric omni-customer experience that leverages the whole ecosystem and focuses on patient outcomes.

Axtria CustomerIQTM brings together the power of AI/ML based analytics with business-driven intelligence to significantly improve the interaction between the life sciences company and their customers, providing a complete 360° view of the customer at any time. CustomerIQTM automates and optimizes the efficiency of both sales and marketing channels, to drive higher revenue.


Slide Integrations to
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Data Hub
Rules Driven
AI/ML Analytics
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Orchestration Customer
Journey Mapping
customer-journey-icon Customer 360

A Cloud-Based Omni-Customer Solution: Enables Customer-Centric Experiences

  • Customer Journey

    Define, measure, and optimize treatment across your customer journey.

  • Dynamic Engagement

    Orchestrate the next best action based on customer preferences, customer journey and data driven insights.

  • Personalized Engagement

    Maximize the value of your customer engagement by leveraging personal preferences and demographics to personalize content.

  • Engagement Effectiveness

    Determine the effectiveness of your engagements across the treatment journey

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