Customer Journey from Data to Insights to Commercial Operations


Data Management & Integration
  • Big Data Technologies​
  • Data Interlinking, Modeling And Integration
  • Data Mart Creation And Governance​
  • Data Lake Environmentt
  • New Data Sources
Operational Analytics
  • Marketing And Sales Force Tactical Planning ​
  • Intelligent Dashboards And Drill-Downs​
  • Report Design And Process Automation​
  • Analytics Workbench
Advanced Analytics
  • Statistical Analysis And Optimization​
  • Algorithm Build, Validation, Implementation & Governance​
  • Social Listening And Reporting​
  • Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning​
  • Economic Modeling (HEOR)​
  • Answers To Key Business Questions​
  • Recommendations/Suggestions/Next Best Actions​
  • New Relationships​
  • Predictions For Future Scenarios


Consulting & Managed Services

(AI)^2 - Axtria Ingenious Artificial Intelligence

At Axtria, (AI)^2 is not the next wave of innovation for life sciences industry. It’s here to change patients’ lives. The impact of (AI)^2 in life sciences is beginning to see the real-world value. It is beginning to help physicians detect, diagnose, and treat disease, speed recovery and save lives. (AI)^2 is beginning to speed information processing, making marketing decisions making faster and provide more accurate information to every customer. It’s enabling agility, efficiency, and transparency across every facet of commercial operations, making sales reps smarter and in charge of their work. (AI)^2 is beginning to power your growth.


Advanced Analytics

The marketplace is changing at a pace never seen before. Digital has disrupted every industry with data sources exploding, both in volume and variety. The only way to compete is to leverage insights faster than the competition. Data is the new opportunity. Driving a culture of data-driven decision making requires you to:

  • Leverage new data sources and advanced analytical methods
  • Build a culture of experimentation and transparency
  • Integrate next generation platforms into the delivery process
  • Deploy a flexible operating model that adapts and scales as per business needs


Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE)

Axtria’s Analytics CoE can solve the most complex business problems by building analytics models that can mimic real-world situations.

Our global team of life sciences domain experts provide improved commercial outcomes, reduced costs, and better operational turnaround times with agile, flexible, and scalable frameworks.


Sales Effectiveness

Empower the sales force to achieve better results. Use the power of AI, ML, and NLP to tackle real-world challenges as new customers, roles, outcomes, and datasets evolve. Axtria’s dynamic and advanced optimization algorithms accelerate sales operations efficiency by harnessing in-depth knowledge of therapy and data.


Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing ROI is the elusive piece of the puzzle for marketers.

Increase the likelihood of winning and boost returns on marketing investments by bringing precision into customer targeting and messaging – reach customers at the right time, using the right channel and with the best messages.

Build brand affinity by leveraging data-driven insights to deliver more value to the customer at every touchpoint.


Platform Enabled Services

Empowering sales forces with data-driven insights and creating a high-performance culture is key to success. Axtria’s suite of services transform commercial operations and help organizations live the high-performance culture and deliver the best healthcare.

Organizations need speed and agility to plan, make decisions, and execute operations at scale. Axtria’s capability and flexibility in cloud migration, big data frameworks, IT infrastructure, technology, and analytics deliver services on Axtria’s IP commercial operations platforms, an organization’s incumbent platforms or as separate sales and marketing operations consulting services to handle the explosion in the volume and variety of data.


Value Delivered In Life Sciences

New Capabilities​

  • Exploratory Data Analysis​
  • Data Lake & Analytics Workbench​
  • Early Effectiveness Indicators​
  • Simulations for Patient Journey

New Commercial Models

  • Outcomes-based Contracting​
  • Real World Evidence​
  • Payer/IDN Influence​
  • Real-time Sales Triggers

Data Management

  • Data Lake
  • Raw Data Island
  • Processed Data Island
  • Historical Data Island
  • Metadata
  • Semantics
  • Taxonomy
  • Cleansing​

New Channels​

  • Personalized Digital Marketing​
  • Social Media Engagement​
  • Channel Preferences​
  • Wearables

Data Science

  • Neural Networks
  • Bayesian Methods
  • Decision Trees
  • Clustering
  • Regression
  • Dimensionality Reduction
  • Ensemble Models
  • Regularization

Data & Infrastructure​

  • Structured Data
  • Unstructured Data
  • Streaming Data
  • Hadoop
  • Messaging & Web Services
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Provisioning​

To Enable Real Patient Benefits​

Product Sales​ and Distribution

  • Distribution data​
  • Physician level Rx claims​
  • HDMA 844, HDMA 867​
  • Patient hub data​

Primary Research

  • ATU​
  • KOL interviews​
  • Patient focus groups​
  • Chart audits​

Sales And Marketing Activity (Traditional)​

  • Rep detailing, sampling​
  • Copay card utilization​
  • Journals, conferences, speaker programs​
  • DTC TV/print campaigns

Patient Level Clinical

  • EHR/EMR​
  • Patient level medical and Rx claims​
  • Lab test results​
  • Clinical trials

Market Access

  • Formulary status​
  • Cost sharing/copay​
  • Medical and Rx payer coverage​
  • Rx rejections and reversals

Digital Activity

  • Online activity from web properties​
  • Email, mobile, e-detail campaigns​
  • Social media​
  • Search

Customer Success Stories

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