Making data-driven insights immediately actionable in the field
Axtria SalesIQ Triggers - cloud based sales planning and operations platform

Axtria Triggers is a powerful Decision Science engine that analyzes customer information from multiple sources and delivers recommendations directly to the field through integration with Veeva CRM Suggestions. It enables insight-driven decision support in three phases:

  1. Design the triggers in an open framework leveraging a range of data sources
  2. Deliver the triggers to the field with seamless integration into Veeva CRM Suggestions
  3. Continuously learn and adapt based on user interaction and business outcomes

The platform makes data-driven insights immediately actionable, and is continuously learning from field execution and associated impact.


Axtria SalesIQ cloud based sales planning and operations platform

Design the triggers: Axtria Triggers provides a modern and intuitive Cloud environment for your users to configure their business rules and algorithms. The integrated framework is completely transparent and supports a “Bring Your Own Model” (BYOM) approach.

  • Incorporate a range of commercial data sources to configure the triggers
  • Open framework that allows customers to utilize their models
  • Tailor triggers for specific markets, business units, teams, and brands
  • Create contextual messages that are highly relevant and actionable
  • Set thresholds to minimize sales representatives being overwhelmed and allow them to hear the signal through the noise
Axtria SalesIQ cloud based sales planning and operations platform

Deliver the triggers: With the business rules and algorithms in place, seamless integration with Veeva CRM Suggestions ensures the triggers are delivered directly to the sales representatives within the familiar Veeva iRep application, allowing them to take immediate action.

  • Urgent suggestions are highlighted on the Veeva iRep homepage to encourage immediate action
  • Triggers are shared as both actionable suggestions and customer insights
  • Suggestions can be leveraged to create calls, call objectives, or send emails
  • Simply dismiss irrelevant messages, while the Decision Science engine learns from your actions
  • Axtria’s pre-integration to Veeva CRM Suggestions makes it easy to get started
Axtria SalesIQ cloud based sales planning and operations platform

Continuously Learn: The powerful Decision Science engine is continuously analyzing sales representatives’ actions and the associated impact on business outcomes across a range of commercial datasets. It is continuously learning and is able to adapt the models used to drive greater prescription uplift from your promotional investment.

  • All Veeva CRM Suggestions interactions are integrated back into the Decision Science engine
  • Incorporate call activity data to understand the steps taken and best time to call
  • Leverage patient-level data for alerts in highly specialized markets and rare diseases
  • Factor in sales representatives’ performance to adapt the suggestions to help meet individual targets
  • Understand the impact on performance down to the individual sales representative


Align the field

Align the field to your sales strategy

Sales strategy is a key input when setting up Axtria Triggers. The brands you focus on, the segments you target, your competitive positioning, and the message you take to market are all incorporated. This input is used to build the triggers that is sent to Veeva CRM Suggestions, ensuring the field are executing to your strategy.

Axtria Triggers - Streamlined Commercial Decisions

Streamlined commercial decision-making from planning to execution

Axtria Triggers is part of the SalesIQ platform, which provides an integrated commercial operations workflow across territory alignment, call planning, incentive compensation, next-best-action, and field performance. The platform makes data-driven insights immediately actionable, increasing overall field productivity and effectiveness.

Axtria Triggers - Empower the Field Sales Force

Empower the field to add value

Axtria Triggers helps to reduce the ramp-up time by continually educating sales representatives with the right messages and reinforcing the brand’s value proposition.

Axtria Triggers - Dynamically respond to market

Dynamically respond to changing market conditions

The industry is experiencing greater change than ever before with healthcare consolidation, the rise of digital, a shift from volume-to-value, and a changing regulatory environment. As the market conditions change, Axtria Triggers taps into emerging data sources and delivers dynamic recommendations on the best way to respond.

Axtria Trigger - Deliver a Truly Multi-Channel Experience

Deliver a truly multi-channel experience

Axtria Triggers is aware of all promotional activity across channels. Suggestions are made in context of any historical interactions and multi-channel marketing activity, delivering a closed-loop engagement, and ensuring the optimal next-best-action is taken with the Healthcare Professional (HCP).

Continue to adapt

Continue to adapt and evolve at the speed of your business

The Decision Science engine never sleeps. It will continue to learn from the data it analyzes and optimize the suggestions to drive the best results for your business.


State of Commercial Excellence - Report on Pharma Commercial Operations Trends

Activate Your Customer Centric Marketing Strategy

The industry is evolving at a quicker pace than ever before. The rise of digital, an increase in customer expectations, and a changing regulatory environment has drastically altered the landscape. The market demands new insights, new approaches, and new ways of thinking. To win in this new environment, companies must prioritize their customers and offer more engaging and personalized marketing messages.

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