Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE)

Pharma companies are struggling with fragmented analytics teams, limited thought leadership and inflexible operating models. 

Axtria’s Analytics CoE elevates client experience with a synergy of data and therapy experience, advanced analytics and integrated technology framework. Experience improved commercial outcomes and better operational turnaround-times using our nimble, flexible and scalable consultative frameworks, managed by a global pool of domain experts.

Key Differentiators


Deep Expertise in
Commercial Operations​

Weave strategy, tactics, and operations to successful outcomes with rich domain & consulting experience, and deep investments in technology.



Integrate new data sources (like EMR & Labs Data), advanced analytics and next-generation platforms into your insight building processes. Axtria’s CoE is built to support 21st century life sciences companies.​



Drive sustainable innovation and operational excellence via strong management and governance. Our principals have 15+ years of industry experience.​


Unique Talent
Transformation Ecosystem​

Partner with experienced leadership, on-site client experts and a constantly evolving global talent pool of insight generators and strategic consultants, to drive efficiency and success.


Investment in

Invest in scale with a sizable global talent bench and a pool of resources and platforms to easily support large, core-flex operations. Axtria has worked with 8 of the top 10 life sciences companies.


Experience Gleaning
Strategic Insights

Benefit from decades of experience across the biggest, most innovative pharma brands, deep understanding of major therapeutic areas and client-side experience in market research & insights.​

Customer Success Stories

Explore How Axtria Helps Life Sciences Businesses Achieve Commercial Success.

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