Generate Transformational Business Insights At Scale With The Right Blend Of Experience, Analytics And Technology

Generate transformational business insights at scale with the right blend of experience, analytics and integrated technology STRATEGIC ANALYTICS EXCELLENCE FOR A DATA TO INSIGHTS TO IMPACT

Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE)

Pharma companies struggle to identify and reach the right patients at the right time due to fragmented analytics teams, limited thought leadership, and inflexible operating models. Axtria’s Analytics CoE elevates the data to operations experience with a synergy of data and therapy experience, advanced analytics, and integrated technology framework. Experience improved commercial outcomes and better operational turnaround-times using our agile, flexible, and scalable consultative frameworks, managed by a global pool of domain experts.

Key Differentiators


Deep Expertise in
Commercial Operations​

A strong ability to integrate patient journeys with physician preferences and overlap them with new commercial models. Use cases ranging from patient engagement to increased prescriptions through HCP behavior identification.



Constant inquisitiveness to integrate new data sources (like geospatial data, EMR, and Labs Data), advanced analytics, and next-generation platforms (for industrialized analytics) into delivering meaningful insights. Axtria’s CoE is built to support 21st-century life sciences decisions. ​



With over 50 Principals working with collective experience, life sciences data, analytics, and commercial operations realize sustainable innovation and operational excellence with strong management and governance.  ​


Unique Talent
Transformation Ecosystem​

A culture of continuous education to stay relevant and weave new skills with experience, on-the-job expertise. A strong belief in creating industry-leading ideas from people-driven skills.


Investment in

A sizable global talent bench and a pool of geography-specific, nuanced and versed resources and platforms to easily support large, core-flex operations.


Experience Gleaning
Strategic Insights

Decades of experience across the biggest, most innovative pharma brands, deep understanding of major specialty, rare disease, and over 23 therapeutic areas with client-side expertise in market research and insights. ​

Customer Success Stories

Explore How Axtria Helps Life Sciences Businesses Achieve Commercial Success.

50+ Deal Assessments Across 18 Months By A Pharmaceutical Company
50+ Deal Assessments Across 18 Months By A Pharmaceutical Company

The financial significance of contracts with payers makes it imperative for pharmaceutical companies to evaluate contracting decisions thoroughly. To quantify the impact of contrac ...

Patient Flow Analytics
Patient Flow Analysis For A Global Oncology Leader

Read this illustration to know how Axtria engaged with a global leader in innovative oncology therapies in contextualizing the patient flow by specific objectives, identifying spec ...

Omnichannel Marketing
50% Faster Customer Onboarding With Scalable Intelligence On Omnichannel Interactions

With growing businesses, life sciences companies need robust big data management solutions, as many stakeholders feel the need for a faster, multi-user, and dynamic and real-time r ...

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