Roster Management System

The data for roster creation and management comes from several sources such as HR, CRM, Sample, Training, Fleet, and Incentive Compensation. Maintaining integrated sales rosters for commercial operations has always been a challenge. This is worsened by the fact that sales operations teams use multiple disjointed and outdated tools driven by limited data sets. What is needed is an operational model that is continuously evolving with changing business rules and challenges such as sales channel proliferation and sales force variability. ​​

An effective sales ops driven roster process requires participation, process ownership and technical expertise from many stakeholders including commercial and sales ops leaders, analysts, HR business partners and IT architects. This ensures analytical decision making for roster changes, painless data communication for downstream systems, instant turnaround time for roster data requests and cost savings due to elimination of manual process.​

Axtria’s Roster Management solution, led by a team of pharma commercial excellence experts, is designed for efficient people management for commercial sales organizations. Our Roster Management capability focuses on process, innovation and quality while ensuring insights and real-time triggers are embedded at the point of decision.​

Key Benefits


Time Saving

Reduction in time spent on maintaining and tracking changes to alignment data​


Effective Information Dissemination

Simultaneous and consistent data availability to all the​ different business functions​


Cost Savings

Reduction in cost due to elimination of manual process​


Ease of Access

Easy and immediate access to historical, current and future territory alignment data to the rep​

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