Segmentation & Targeting (S&T)

Expanding promotion channels, evolving customer dynamics, and restricted access to physicians has made personalized promotion opportunities very critical to increasing brand affinity and driving customer experience. In the face of changing marketing realities, pharma customer engagement strategy must hit the bull’s eye, each time. ​

Axtria’s data-driven segmentation & targeting frameworks can help identify high-potential customer segments, capture the most relevant channels for interacting with them, and speak their language with hyper-targeted messaging. Backed by our team of domain experts and data scientists with a deep understanding of pharma across therapy areas, we can lift promotion effectiveness to maximize the sales impact. ​

Key Considerations for an Optimized Segmentation and Targeting Strategy

  • Distinct segments

    Each segment must be distinct and homogenous and must respond similarly to a market stimulus

  • Reachable through intervention

    Customers in each segment must be reachable by a market intervention

  • Evidence-based approach

    S&T should be evidence based; leveraging all available data

  • Market Attributes

    S&T must account for unique attributes of the market, including market structure, competitive situation, and marketing channels

  • Change Management

    Implementing an S&T strategy must achieve buy-in from key stakeholders and commitment to act on the insights

Key Benefits


Intuitive Segments

Customer segments based on needs, behaviors and attitudes​


Actionable Insights

Insights to enter or exit segments with the greatest value potential; over/under investment of sales effort​



Increased engagement as a result of personalized marketing strategy targeting each customer segment​


Process Efficiency

Standardized business process, efficient deployment of resources


Collaboration &

Consistency of implementation across global teams, business units and territories


Fast Go-To-Market

Pre-built libraries to reduce

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