Optimize Territory Design​,
Balance Workload​,
Maximize Opportunities​

Get the most out of sales teams by allocating opportunities equitably​

Territory Alignment

Sales force must constantly adapt to evolving ground realities, including physician movement between hospital and ZIP codes, and rep-attrition. A proactive and agile territory alignment ensures that the sales force is ever-prepared to deal with the changing needs. 

A data-driven territory alignment approach can enable a fair, equitable and optimized allocation of territories to sales reps, ensuring balanced workload and in turn maximizing sales opportunities. 

Axtria’s dedicated ‘Centre of Excellence’ (CoE) with a team of territory alignment specialists, domain experts, data scientists, and analysts have an experience in managing alignments for small to large sales teams across therapy areas encompassing primary and specialty care. This team of highly skilled professionals with the expertise of handing zip based, account-based and hybrid territory designs can help create a framework for Home Office decision-makers, to adapt to real-world complexities and make intelligent territory alignment decisions.

Key Features


Workload Balancing

Fair and equitable distribution of workload and market potential of territories ​


Enhanced Coverage

Engage with high-priority customers to maximize sales opportunities​


Increased Productivity

Sales reps, home office and business executives productivity and efficiency​


Customized Territory Design

Accelerated custom-fit territory design and maintenance for client teams​


Smooth Transition

Low touch & hassle-free data/technology transition plan from current vendor


Minimized Disruption

Seamless rep-physician relationship​

Breadth of our experience​

Specialty Teams ​

0 +

For ~15 clients with rare disease/Oncology Portfolio​

Complex Territories ​

0 K+

42K+ Base-Overlay/Account Based territories out of 80K+​​

Large Sized Teams ​

0 +

Clients with over 1,000+ ​
Reps in multiple sales teams​

New Roles ​

0 K+

Oncology Reps, KAMs, Case Managers, CNEs, Hospital Reps & MSLs​

Customer Success Stories

Explore How Axtria Helps Life Sciences Businesses Achieve Commercial Success.

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Effective Territory Alignment
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