Territory Alignment

Optimizing alignment to drive sales productivity

Territory Alignment

Insight-driven planning, strong governance, and field collaboration are critical to aligning territories that successfully support company objectives.

With deep domain knowledge and experience in leading global commercial transformations, Axtria delivers:

  • An integrated commercial operations platform in the cloud
  • A unique blend of people, process, and technology experience
  • Embedded insights at the point of decision
  • The ability to handle multiple alignment dimensions
  • Robust integration with upstream and downstream systems


Territory Alignment

Axtria SalesIQ provides integrated alignment capabilities across territory management, personnel placement, and roster management in the cloud.

  • Alignment design and maintenance
  • ZIP and account movements
  • Roster management
  • Full support for parent-child affiliations
  • Intelligent workload balancing

It is the only Territory Alignment platform built on Salesforce’s Force.com, leveraging enterprise-grade performance, security, and scalability.


People, process, and technology experience: Axtria is the partner of choice for delivering high performance territory alignment projects.

With a dedicated Center of Excellence, our industry professionals have a unique blend of domain knowledge, process experience, and technology expertise.

Our vast experience in territory alignment and personnel placement helps the sales force achieve its strategic goals, react swiftly to changes in local markets, and motivate the team with fair and equitable territories.

Axtria SalesIQ Territory Alignment - Cloud based sales planning and operations platform

Embedded insights at the point of decision: Design and maintain in a way that reflects the changing business realities, enabling the sales force to remain focused on the right targets.

  • Insight to guide all territory alignment decisions
  • Smart Decision Support to review KPIs across alignment, call planning, and compensation when making movements
  • Intelligent workload balancing across new and existing territories
  • Factor in complex hierarchies and parent-child affiliations
Axtria SalesIQ Territory Alignment - Cloud based sales planning and operations platform

Handle multiple alignment dimensions: The platform helps to balance territories by incorporating multiple dimensions in the alignment approach and minimizing investment where there is no return.

  • Supports both routine maintenance and major realignments
  • Alignment maintenance module for ad-hoc agile changes
  • Account for local as well as regional changes
  • Easily create new territories to manage excess workload
  • Increase overall transparency and reduce cycle times
Axtria SalesIQ Territory Alignment - Cloud based sales planning and operations platform

Integration with upstream and downstream systems: The application seamlessly integrates with upstream CRM and HR systems as well as downstream incentive systems.

  • Well defined end-to-end alignment processes
  • Strong governance and embedded approval workflows
  • Integrated audit management
  • Robust and configurable central rules engine
  • Pre-built APIs for faster integration and data exchange


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