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Specialty Data Management And Analytics

Specialty pharmacies and hubs are major data suppliers. However, their datasets lack commercial data quality, resulting in revenue leakage and operational inefficiencies for life sciences companies. Right-sizing the specialty network and establishing strong service-level agreements is critical to ensure a specialty drug’s commercial success.

Axtria can help its customers overcome these challenges and succeed in implementing their specialty pharmacy program. We have extensive expertise in aggregating, managing, and making data available to the end-users and driving the process’s patient-level focus. Axtria integrates a unique and modular data management product with flexible analytics that meets all the specialty data management and reporting requirements of a life sciences company.

Pillars of Specialty Pharmacy Data Value Management

We follow a top-down business value-driven approach. Axtria bases its specialty pharmacy solutions on three pillars of specialty pharmacy data value management:

Longitudinal Patient View
Longitudinal Patient View

Driving an uninterrupted view of the patient journey across demand generation (patient pull-through continuum) while ensuring optimal persistence and therapy continuation.

Patient Behavior, Patient Experience, and Specialty Pharmacy Performance
Patient Behavior, Patient Experience, and Specialty Pharmacy Performance

Enabling data-driven patient and specialty network engagement to ensure successful patient conversion.

Specialty Pharmacy Data Quality Management
Specialty Pharmacy Data Quality Management

Robust data quality management framework that goes beyond technical and statistical field integrity to include quality checks (such as validated units of measure) to stop data defects upstream.

Axtria Specialty Pharmacy Data Solutions

Channel Design and Strategy

A life sciences company’s channel strategy affects product access and commercial success. We assist companies in:

  • Understanding patient density, managed market mix, clinical journey, and treatment continuum
  • Developing patient engagement and channel strategy
  • Channel and patient support design
  • Specialty pharmacy evaluation and defining service-level agreements
Specialty Pharmacy
Data Aggregation Platform

Effective data aggregation is the key to building a comprehensive patient-level integrated specialty pharmacy dataset. We assist companies in:

  • Data source onboarding, data quality, and data supplier performance management
  • Aggregation, validation, de-identification, and tokenization of patient data
  • Integration of the longitudinal patient dataset
Specialty Pharmacy
Data Warehousing Solutions

Aggregating data into a single, usable system makes the data accessible and actionable. We provide solutions that allow:

  • Seamless integration of specialty pharmacy data with other commercial data assets
  • A 360-degree view of stakeholders (such as patients, prescribers, and payers)

Our commercial data warehouse solutions and Axtria DataMAxTM provide the functionality required to operationalize the larger integrated datasets.

Specialty Pharmacy
Reporting Platform

Axtria’s reporting platform integrates data from all major national specialty pharmacy providers, hubs, and third-party logistics service providers. Customers can derive actionable insights and identify patient engagement opportunities to increase patient conversion and retention and hence the top-line.

  • Patient Journey Insights:
    • Patient experience (such as identifying patient leakages and root causes)
    • Specialty pharmacy performance (such as effectiveness of the drug fulfillment process and patient training and refill reminder capabilities)
    • Payer control (such as monitoring the impact of formulary positioning on brand defections and switchovers)
  • Operational Insights:
    • Data quality, supplier quality, and data delivery timelines
Specialty Pharmacy
Commercial Strategy And Model

Insights from Axtria’s specialty pharmacy data analytics solutions drive commercial strategy and model design for a specialty drug. We assist life sciences companies to:

  • Fine-tune patient and prescriber engagement model to optimize pull-through/persistence
  • Fine-tune patient support and assistance programs
  • Identify access issues and formulate market access strategy
Specialty Pharmacy

Key Differentiators


Subject Matter Expertise

We have a large team with decades of experience in channel strategy and design, managing relationships with data suppliers, specialty pharmacy data strategy and implementation, data quality management, and operationalizing specialty pharmacy data to support patient pull-through and therapy continuation.


Vendor Management

We have expertise in contract management and working with specialty pharmacy providers and hub information technology and contracting teams to drive our customers’ specialty pharmacy programs’ success. Our vendor management capability provides value to our customers by delivering enterprise visibility into the entire data supply chain.


Connected Platform Approach

Our connected platforms for aggregation, management, and operationalization of specialty pharmacy data drive cost efficiencies and reduce turnaround times for our customers. The cloud-based solutions deliver high performability with features such as prebuilt data models for syndicated and custom source datasets and preconfigured KPIs to aggregate data into an analytics-ready form.

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