The new age customer is both connected and demanding. Market leaders are those able to leverage the power of decision science to uncover deep customer insights that help to build long lasting and profitable relationships.

With deep expertise in decision science and hands-on experience across all customer data sources, Axtria delivers:

  • Complete data awareness, setup, and calibration
  • Complete 360 view across channels
  • Insight driven profiling and segmentation
  • Propensity modeling and next-best-action
  • Intuitive visualizations for actionable customer insights


Complete data awareness, setup, and calibration: There is data available on every aspect of your customer and their journey. Awareness of these data sources and having experience in using them is key to success.

  • Hands-on experience with all industry data sources
  • Ability to standardize on data formats
  • Integration across traditional and digital channels
  • Industry ready data models and connectors
  • Pre-defined checks for data integrity and quality

Complete 360 view across channels: Customer engagement now takes place across a range of traditional and digital channels. It is critical to buildup a rich picture of the customer to understand their value, influence, and context in their journey.

  • Establish a single source of truth for each customer
  • Map key relationships, influence, and associations
  • Understand historical activity across all lines of business
  • Capture all interactions across traditional and digital channels
  • Make insight available to all customer touchpoints

Insight driven profiling and segmentation: Customer data can reveal distinct, high-value customer segments with unique needs and behaviors. An in-depth understanding of each segment can help organizations reach the highest-value customers through the most effective channels with the best offers.

  • Define required attributes to successfully profile customers
  • Cluster customers based on needs, behaviors, and attitudes
  • Establish segmentation hypotheses and variables
  • Target high-value customers and manage churn
  • Focus customer engagement with relevance and personalization

Propensity modeling and next-best-action: Where segmentation provides insight into customer behavior, propensity modeling provides foresight. It allows you to target customers based on likely behavior as opposed to past behavior, and inform the right next-best-action.

  • Leverage decision science to predict likely behavior
  • Score customers based on all insight available
  • Increase revenue by informing most valuable next-best-action
  • Decrease expenses by focusing on the profitable customers
  • Proactively highlight customers who are about to churn

Intuitive visualizations for actionable customer insights: Insights are only valuable if you can make them actionable and put them into the hands of those who interact with your customers.

  • Pre-built library of customer KPIs
  • Engaging customer insight dashboards and visualizations
  • Contextual insight built into customer touchpoints
  • Self-service capabilities to enable ad-hoc analysis
  • Cross-device support and mobile intelligence

Activate Your Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy

The industry is evolving at a quicker pace than ever before. The rise of digital, an increase in customer expectations, and a changing regulatory environment has drastically altered the landscape. The market demands new insights, new approaches, and new ways of thinking. To win in this new environment, companies must prioritize their customers and offer more engaging and personalized marketing messages.

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