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Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI)

Optimizing business results through insight-driven decisions

The BFSI industry is undergoing a significant transformation while managing challenges on several fronts: elusive growth, thinning ROE and margins, evolving regulatory environment, changing customer needs, and increased threats from non-traditional players. 

While good progress has been made to address these challenges, the pace and depth of change needs to be accelerated to ensure long-term success in the future. Customer centricity must sit at the heart of your strategy, leveraging innovative, cloud technologies to drive innovation, transform sales and marketing engagement, promote insight-driven decision making and maximise ROI.

We partner with BFSI companies to address the challenges above. We do this with a unique blend of Decision Science, Commercial Operations, and Cloud Information Management capabilities.

Axtria SalesIQ: Provides an integrated, end-to-end commercial operations platform in the cloud. Learn More

Territory Alignment: Optimize the alignment of your field teams to drive sales productivity. Learn More

Multichannel Client Engagement Planning: Target the right customer, at the right time, with the right message over the right channel. Learn More

Incentive Compensation: Motivate the right behaviors to drive your sales strategy. Learn More

Field Reporting: Deliver real-time insights across every aspect of field performance. Learn More

    Commercial Model Design: Take a data-driven approach to defining an integrated sales force strategy. Learn More

    Marketing Analytics: Optimize your marketing mix to drive maximum revenues and profits from your investments; including new-age channels like digital, mobile, and IoT. Learn More

    Customer Analytics: Tap into the wealth of insights relating to customer needs, preferences, engagement, and optimize the next best action. Learn More

    Risk Analytics: Drive regulatory compliance and improved risk management through intelligent model development, validation and documentation, business process & risk control, and insightful analytics. Learn More

      Cloud Data Management: Seamlessly onboard, process, and integrate new data sources without technology constraint. Learn More

      Cloud Master Data Management (MDM): Establish a single source of truth for business critical data such as customer, market, and product. Learn More

      Cloud Business Intelligence: Put engaging insights in the hands of your users across every aspect of commercial operations. Learn More

      Big Data Framework: Explore and experiment new and emerging industry data sets without constraint. Learn More

        Incentivize For Success In A Dynamic Market Environment

        When it comes to running a sales team, the Incentive Compensation Program is probably the most powerful weapon you have in the arsenal. A well designed IC plan holds the keys to aligning sales efforts in this dynamic market environment and executing your strategy. We have created this strategic 5 step guide for senior commercial executives on how to incentivize for continued success.


        Axtria Whitepaper - Effective Quality Assurance for Banks
        Axtria Whitepaper - Mortgage servicer you have got the information
        Axtria 5 step guide - Model Validation for business scalability
        Axtria 5 Step guide - Incentivize for success in a dynamic market environment


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