Axtria MarketingIQ

Customer Centric Marketing platform to future-proof your promotional investment
Axtria MarketingIQ - Customer Centric Marketing platform to future-proof your promotional investment

Axtria MarketingIQTM is a customer-centric marketing platform that supports commercial organizations in driving greater customer value from their promotional investment. The platform delivers:

  • A holistic customer-centric marketing framework
  • Integrated omni-channel data management
  • Customer 360° analytics, insights, and planning
  • Real-time customer interaction management
  • Modular design for engaging role-based apps

Built on modern cloud technology, Axtria MarketingIQ is an enterprise-grade platform to aggregate multi-channel marketing data, generate valuable insights, and drive customer-centric promotional investment decisions.


Integrated omni-channel data management: A central place to on-board new and existing data sources across personal and non-personal marketing channels.

  • Experience across all marketing data sources
  • Integrate structured and unstructured data types
  • Pre-built connectors and supporting data model
  • Harmonize personal and non-personal channels
  • Enterprise-grade data quality and enrichment

Customer 360° analytics, insights, and planning: Generate powerful customer analytics and insights to inform marketing investment decisions and optimize channel activity.

  • Brand forecasting analytics
  • Multi-channel marketing mix optimization
  • Real-time campaign planning and analytics
  • Marketing ROI analytics
  • Streamlined library of KPIs, metrics, and benchmarks

Real-time customer Interaction Management: Design journeys that enhance customer experience, build brand advocacy, and drive great sales.

  • Omni-channel campaign automation
  • Integrate personal and non-personal channels
  • Understand and act on unique customer preferences and context
  • Respond to market opportunities and risks in real-time
  • Plan the next-best-action based on customer preference

Modular design for engaging role-based apps: Empower business users with intuitive self-service capabilities that do not require IT support.

  • Data control console
  • Multi-channel investment optimizer
  • Campaign and journey designer
  • Self-service data visualizer
  • Multi-channel reports and dashboards


Axtria Marketing IQ Solution Brief
Axtria Triggers Datasheet - Real Time insights within Veeva CRM

Activate Your Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy

The industry is evolving at a quicker pace than ever before. The rise of digital, an increase in customer expectations, and a changing regulatory environment has drastically altered the landscape. The market demands new insights, new approaches, and new ways of thinking. To win in this new environment, companies must prioritize their customers and offer more engaging and personalized marketing messages.

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