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Episode 2: An Ecosystem to Get Patient Engagement Right and Enable an “Everything Patient” Mindset

Patient experience and engagement is so vital to their health success. Vishal Singal, a Principal at Axtria, highlights why patient engagement is so critical and what aspects need to be implemented for patients to feel like they are in charge of their health and medical decisions. He is helping pharma companies drive patient engagement by focusing on patient preferences and goals, the limits or tools set in the ecosystem that develops trust and transparency with the patients, integrated experience, and growing patient cohorts. It’s essential for patients to feel like they are in control. Tune in today to hear why patient engagement is so critical.

In This Episode, We Cover:

  • [1:46] What is patient engagement?
  • [3:27] Why is there so much pressure against the traditional approach of patients being consumers?
  • [7:00] How are access, education, awareness, and digitization impacting pharma’s ability to increase patient engagement?
  • [12:50] What needs to happen to drive better patient engagement?
  • [17:50] How is Vishal helping pharma companies drive patient engagement?
  • [24:00] What are the three key takeaways Vishal wants people to understand?

Key Takeaways:

  • Patients are having information overload. Too much information is coming at people, making it difficult for patients to understand all the details they need.
  • Patient-centered health centers should be the future state where patients can gather information and make decisions on their time.
  • To drive better patient engagement, these four areas need to be improved: patient preference and goals, some limits or tools are set in the ecosystem that develops trust and transparency with that patient, integrated experience by breaking siloed patient solutions, and patient cohorts.

About Speaker

Meet Vishal:

Accomplished Biotech leader helping Senior Pharma Executives improve brand performance/patient outcomes by bringing together clinical, business, technology and traditional and non-traditional (a.k.a. digital) sources of healthcare data. I have focused on 3 key areas.

  • Therapy Focus – Areas of oncology, neurology, cardiovascular, diabetes.
  • Functional Focus – Patient and HCP marketing strategies and tactics such as TPP Testing, Market Landscaping, Pre Launch Planning, Portfolio Impact, Digital Transformation which results in:
    • – Helping brands find and reach the right audience (patients and HCP’s) using AI/ML and Advanced Analytics.
    • – Helping influence the prescribing and adherence decisions based on real-world evidence.
    • – Measuring impact across a multi-channel/digital and Integrated Delivery Network controlled environment.
  • Global Focus – Helped clients globally US, Europe, AsiaPac and LATAM and developed offerings for GTM for BRIC countries.


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