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Episode 14: Using AI and Software to Accelerate Discovery, Diagnosis and Treatment of Rare Disease Patients

Vikram Batra is a senior leader in Axtria’s Decision Science practice. In this podcast, Vikram discusses how AI and software are accelerating the discovery, diagnosis, and treatment of rare diseases. We examine how the industry is shifting towards rare diseases, the challenges, and how pharma leaders deal with them. Vikram then discusses the role of AI/ML in helping to solve patient diagnosis and the value it brings to the stakeholders. Tune in as we speak about the importance of pharma leaders investing in relevant data sets and why an accelerating speed of diagnosis is a win-win for all.

In This Episode, We Cover:

  • [02:50] How the industry is shifting towards rare diseases and what it means in the long run.
  • [04:55] Rare diseases are a completely new paradigm in context to blockbusters and traditional drugs. Vikram describes these challenges and how pharma leaders can deal with them.
  • [07:50] Rare diseases are unique; there needs to be a very connected approach for tackling their complexity.
  • [11:50] How AI/ML is helping solve the patient diagnosis problem.
  • [15:00] Key takeaways from Vikram’s discussion.

Key Takeaways:

  • People suffering from rare diseases spend between five to seven years before receiving a correct diagnosis.
  • Having a good understanding of the patient’s journey in rare diseases is critical.
  • Pharma leaders must invest in relevant data sets and build the required infrastructure for new models that leverage AI/ML.
  • Accelerating the speed of diagnosis is a win-win for all.

About Speaker

Meet Vikram:

Vikram is a senior leader in Axtria’s Decision Science practice with over 20 years of analytics, consulting, and leadership experience. He has worked on both ends of the spectrum – working for large pharma as well as a long tenure as a management consultant. Vikram has a proven track record of addressing challenging strategic issues for pharmaceutical customers and helping them with comprehensive solutions across brand strategy, sales operations, and market access. He has built, coached, and led diverse analytics teams that successfully deliver insights using advanced data analytics and AI. His experience spans across global markets including the Top 5 EU, Australia, Canada, and other geographies.

Before joining Axtria, Vikram held roles of increasing responsibility and leadership at MarketRx, Sanofi, Information Resources (IRI), and Health Products Research (HPR).


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