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Technology is the heartbeat of a future-ready business

Axtria is striving to help companies embrace an integrated ‘data-insights-planning-operations’ way of life!

  • Axtria DataMAx™ for seamless data ingestion, migration to cloud, governance, and insights readiness.
  • Axtria InsightsMAx™ for ‘citizen data science’ enabled by AI/ML that delivers unparalleled insights generation and consumption.
  • Axtria CustomerIQ™ for planning and orchestrating omnichannel customer experience driven by next best actions and triggers.
  • Axtria SalesIQ™ for seamlessly integrating sales rep performance and motivation into sales operations and organization culture. Next-level organization readiness.
  • Axtria MarketingIQ™ for superior brand performance through smart market attribution, delivering predictive, timely and frequent insights.
Technology is the heartbeat of a future-ready business
Data-driven Transformation

Data-driven transformation

The data-driven transformation efforts of our life sciences partners have resulted in several benefits such as:​

  • Faster speed to insight (2-3 days vs. 5+ days)​
  • 50% reduction in manual effort​
  • Increased field engagement by 10x
  • Daily tracking of patient onboarding and journey

Customer success

Building A Data Processing Platform With Next-Generation Technology To Increase Business Value Realization

Customer success

Data-driven goal-setting models for a top 5 pharma across 50+ global markets

Customer success

Data-driven customer journey design using bayesian network methodology

Customer success

Commercial data environment and self-service analytics enabled by Axtria DataMAx™
Connecting the right patient to the right treatment

Connecting the right patient to the right treatment

Life sciences companies are leveraging AI-enhanced advanced analytics to understand patients’ behaviors and journeys to ensure the right treatment reaches the right patient at the right time. They have impacted patients’ lives by:​

  • reducing the time from onset to treatment of disease​
  • enabling faster go-to-market​
  • ensuring patient access to drugs​

Ultimately enabling efficiencies, innovation, and competitive advantage for themselves.​

Customer success stories

Omnichannel rep call planning to enhance healthcare provider (HCP) engagement
A sales strategy solution for a new life sciences’ product launch
Enabling targeted engagement with healthcare professionals through digital affinity-based segmentation
Our Purpose

Creating a healthier future

Ensuring the health and well-being of everyone, everywhere.

Life sciences business leaders are embracing a greater responsibility of creating a healthier future for all by advancing a culture of health and well-being. By combining data, technology, and talent, companies are transforming their vision into reality and achieving business outcomes such as:​

  • Data-driven digital transformation
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML)-embedded industrialized data analytics
  • Omnichannel customer experience
  • Consistent global presence​
Creating a healthier future
Enabling long-term
Our Capabilities
Supporting robust
and agile commercial

Our capabilities

Commercial IT

Enable Cloud Information Management (CIM) for shorter turnaround time for product launch, higher sales, best marketing return on investment (ROI), and better patient care and outcomes.
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Success Stories

Our capabilities


Leverage data sources and advanced analytical methods for real-time insights into patients’ behaviors and journeys and stay ahead of the competition.
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Success Stories

Our capabilities

HEOR and market access

Demonstrate the value of treatments to get on-time regulatory approval and reimbursement from payers. Ultimately ensuring that patients have access to the drugs they need.

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Success Stories

Our capabilities

Marketing and sales operations

Provide an omnichannel customer experience, build brand advocacy, and drive sales.
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Success Stories

Our capabilities

Sales operations

Operationalize your commercial strategy and drive integrated, personalized, and value-driven interactions with your customers through real-time data-driven insights.
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Success Stories

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership

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Axtria in news

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