Strategic partnership to power and scale informed decision making

    An innovative and efficient center of excellence (CoE) to drive significant and measurable business impact.


    Artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics CoE

    Life sciences companies at varying analytics maturities struggle to identify and reach suitable customers at the right time. Reasons include fragmented analytics teams, limited thought leadership, and inflexible operating models. Despite having access to data, organizations in such situations lose business opportunities due to performance blind spots, delayed assessment, and under-informed decisions.

    Axtria’s Analytics CoE elevates the data -> insights -> operations journey with a synergy of therapy experience, AI-driven advanced analytics, and integrated technology framework. Companies experience improved commercial outcomes and better operational turnaround times using Axtria’s agile, flexible, and scalable consultative frameworks managed by a global pool of experts.

    AI-driven solution applications



    ScalabilityInsight scalability across business functions with integrated analytics and enterprise-wide AI/ML applications.


    Business accessibility

    Faster, accurate, and continuous insight access with AI/ML solution operations.



    Democratized advanced analytics for prompt self-served decision making with data engineering and ML platforms.

    Institutionalizing CoEs across companies of all sizes


    New patient

    Patient insights-based process transformation

    Next-gen technology for agility


    Machine learning-based patient analytics

    Next best action for target physicians

    Operationalized prescriptive analytics


    Global advanced

    Sales & marketing partnership for budget planning

    Brand, field, and sales reports for global countries


    Enterprise-wide analytics capability

    Marketing-mix capability across functional areas

    Established digital analytics capabilities


    Global specialty and rare diseases CoE

    Centralized CoE for sales force planning & operations

    Combination of technologies & managed services

    A consultative approach toward value outcomes

    Value-Outcomes-Icon1 A seamless customer experience
    Value-Outcomes-Icon2 Motivated sales reps
    Value-Outcomes-Icon3 Institutionalized analytics
    Value-Outcomes-Icon4 AI-enabled decisions
    Value-Outcomes-Icon5 Real-time reporting
    Sales-performance-optimization-icon6 (1) Operational efficiency
    Value-Outcomes-Icon6 Reduced costs and higher revenue

    Use cases

    Improved patient outcomes

    Improved patient outcomes

    Patient journeys and physician preferences integration and overlap with new commercial models for improved outcomes through patient engagement and HCP behavior analysis.

    Future-proof decision making

    Future-proof decision making

    An engine for “always-on” meaningful insights with integrated new data sources, AI, and next-generation platforms (for industrialized analytics).

    Airtight governance with a principal-led PMO

    Airtight governance with a principal-led PMO

    Drive sustainable innovation and operational excellence with 50+ principals working with collective experience, life sciences data, analytics, and commercial operations.

    Out-of-the-box ideas with a unique talent pool

    Out-of-the-box ideas with a unique talent pool

    Ensure relevant analyses and innovative solution frameworks with a continuously educated and upskilled talent pool. Benefit from Axtria’s strong belief in creating industry-leading ideas from people-driven skills.

    Confident solutions for decision making at scale

    Confident solutions for decision making at scale

    Easily support large, core-flex operations with a sizable global talent bench and a pool of geography-specific, nuanced, and versed resources and platforms.

    Experience gleaning strategic insights

    Experience gleaning strategic insights

    Benefit from decades of experience across the biggest, most innovative pharma brands, deep understanding of major specialties, rare diseases, and over 23 therapeutic areas with client-side expertise in market research and insights.

    Customer success stories

    Case Study

    Transforming Medical Inquiries-Based Insights With Innovative Generative AI Solutions

    Case Study

    Revolutionizing Information Access and Decision-Making With Generative AI for a Top 5 Pharma

    Case Study

    75% Cost Savings From Natural Language Processing and Generative AI While Evaluating Patient Experiences