Enabling solutions to improve the health and lives of people

    Leverage data and innovative technologies to uncover effective consumer health solutions, identify growth opportunities, and develop winning strategies.

    Redefine consumer health through data-driven decision-making


    The global consumer health industry is transforming. Spotlight on self-care, the availability of health-monitoring technologies, e-commerce growth, and promotion of preventive care by policymakers are fueling the growth of the consumer health industry.

    To compete successfully in the fast-moving consumer health market, companies are leveraging big data and analytics to:

    • Assess the performance of their brands and marketing tactics
    • Micro-target consumers and physicians for various tactics, brands, and categories
    • Drive global scale, but adapt to local preferences
    • Leverage multiple channels and optimize the frequency, timing, and duration of promotions

    Ultimately, developing effective health solutions, uncovering compelling growth opportunities, and developing strategies to win in a fiercely competitive industry.

    Optimize performance for continued success

    Domain expertise

    Domain expertise

    Knowledge and expertise across multiple geographies, categories, channels, brands, and product life cycles.

    Rich consumer health data experience

    Rich consumer health data experience

    Knowledge of working with structured and unstructured data sources, including internal shipments, syndicated research, consumer household panel, point of sale, loyalty card program, primary research, and digital/social media.

    Technology expertise

    Technology expertise

    Knowledge and experience of working with leading technology platforms and visualization tools to enable faster, real-time insights for informed decision-making.

    Our capabilities

    Capabilities across consumer marketing, sales/trade marketing, and category management.

    Consumer marketing

    • Market sizing and competitive assessment
    • Marketing mix modelling
    • Physician segmentation and targeting
    • Digital/social media analytics
    • Forecasting
    • Rx-OTC switch analytics
    • New product launch assessment
    • Price sensitivity analysis

    Sales/trade marketing

    • Trade promotion optimization
    • Stock-keeping unit (SKU) by channel assortment
    • Point of sale (PoS) data enrichment
    • Loyalty card analytics
    • Retailer segmentation
    • Test and learn analytics

    Category management

    • Gap Analysis for distribution channel
    • SKU rationalization
    • Assortment optimization (space-to-sales)
    • Store clustering

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