Unearth the true value of your data

    Data, on its own, has no meaning. When engineered, it answers all your business questions.

    Data engineering framework

    Build a robust data strategy with a sound governance framework as the backbone of your enterprise data management platform. Ingest, integrate, and process data to build harmonized data models to answer all your business questions and enable actionable insights across the data ecosystem.

    Data advisory

    Develop an enterprise-wide integrated roadmap involving a business-focused view to increase effectiveness and align with long-term goals:

    • EIM-Strategy-Roadmap-Icon

      Enterprise Information Management (EIM) strategy and roadmap

    • Data-Strategy-Icon

      Data strategy

    • Data-Infrastructure-Evaluation-Icon

      Data infrastructure evaluation

    • Data-Governance-Framework-Icon

      Data governance framework

    • Data-Security-Compliance-Strategy-Icon

      Data security and compliance strategy

    Data Enablement

    Enabling trust-worthy analytics-ready data for optimized business decision-making, powered by Axtria DataMAxTM:

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      Data ingestion and onboarding

    • Green-Tick-Icon

      Data catalog and lineage

    • Green-Tick-Icon

      Data quality and standardization

    • Green-Tick-Icon

      Data aggregation

    • Green-Tick-Icon

      Data modeling

    • Green-Tick-Icon

      Data Orchestration

    • Green-Tick-Icon

      Data integration

    • Green-Tick-Icon

      Data migration and archival

    • Green-Tick-Icon

      Data processing

    • Green-Tick-Icon

      Metadata management

    Axtria DataMAxTM-driven solutions have delivered proven value to life sciences organizations

    A quick glimpse of what Axtria DataMAxTM can do:


    Cycle time reduction

    Up to 80% reduction in ingestion to insight cycle time


    High user adaption

    Increase in user engagement (data scientists, data stewards, analysts vs. legacy systems)


    Data quality

    Improvement in data quality across all layers


    Business rule changes

    Up to 85% reduction in changes due to self-serve business rule management system


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