Transform your business with a centralized repository of data

    Manage structured, unstructured, internal, and external data.

    Life sciences data landscape

    The industry is at an accelerated state of data availability across every aspect of the patient journey and stakeholder landscape. Data lakes offer the capabilities that enable scalable, flexible data management, and analytics to cope with the variety, velocity, volume and veracity of big data.


    Store everything, analyze anything with real-time data processing


    Data storage

    Store a variety of data of different velocity, volume, and veracity.

    Data sharing

    Secure access-based sharing of data using application programming interfaces (APIs).


    Improved query performance

    Enable agility in analytics life cycle.


    On-demand data exploration

    Improve data quality across all layers.


    Faster analytics

    Pre-built data models for traditional analytics, such as sales force effectiveness, market and competition, brand and promotion, customer, and patient analytics.


    Best-in-class technology

    Integration with leading tools and technologies to fulfil analytical needs.

    Axtria’s differentiators

    Modern big data framework on cloud

    Leverage a cutting-edge big data framework on the cloud to experiment and explore new data sources with unprecedented scale and flexibility​

    Rapid ingestion of structured and unstructured data sources

    Data Lake supporting a full range of structured and unstructured data sources across all functional areas

    A culture of exploration and experimentation

    Proactive exploration of business questions, redundant KPIs, and adaptation to market trends to gain competitive advantage​

    Srong governance

    A strong governance process to manage time and cost implications

    Digital engagement

    Contextual insights to engage with relevant consumer-driven market and build a complete and accurate picture of customers’ digital footprint

    The analytics platform – Data preparation to data consumption


    Customer success stories

    Case Study

    Data Analytics-driven Roster And Alignment Optimization For A Major Medtech Company

    Case Study

    50% Faster Customer Onboarding With Scalable Intelligence On Omnichannel Interactions

    Case Study

    Data & Analytics Center Of Excellence (CoE) For A Global Pharma