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Intelligent life sciences commercial operations

Products that deliver data-to-insights-to-actions for life sciences commercial operations.

Axtria’s cloud-based product portfolio

Reaching the patient at the right time with the right therapies is the goal of most life sciences organizations. Axtria’s cloud-based products use modern technology and advanced analytics to help life sciences companies have impactful healthcare provider (HCP) engagements that deliver therapies to market faster. Our products deliver intelligent business insights and personalized user experiences so that work can be done effectively and efficiently.

Modern and modular, Axtria’s cloud analytics products clear out commercial operations clutter so life sciences companies can do what they do best – optimally manage their sales and marketing operations, and service their customers who deliver on time patient care. 

Our products

Axtria DataMAxTM is the next-generation global cloud-based commercial Life Sciences data management product enabling accelerated, actionable, business insights from trusted data. Companies can focus on long-term cost saving, achieving speed and scale in their business functions and product launches.

Data is at the core of DataMAx’s information management capabilities, enabling the interlinking of sales and marketing data to insights management. Empowered by a big data framework, Axtria DataMAxTM utilizes a metadata architecture to ingest data from disparate sources, allowing a multitude of data management functions:

  • Data validation and data quality management
  • Data integration and interlinking between disparate commercial sources
  • Data governance structure for segregation of redundancy and accessibility of information
  • A pre-configured library of 1,000+ commercial business rules

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Axtria InsightsMAxTM enables a broader set of business users to have the power of a data scientist. Decision-makers can collaboratively assemble analytics models, derive instantaneous insights, and create an operational strategy, in minutes.

  • Design and develop an array of analytic models and assets
  • Store assets for future use and broad organizational sharing in the asset library
  • Complete organizational visibility into data models, business rules, processing logic, and project organization

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Axtria CustomerIQTM is the most advanced customer engagement enablement product leveraging omnichannel customer interactions driven by AI-enabled next best action (NBA) recommendations. Axtria CustomerIQ™ helps you engage with the customer at the right time, with the right message.

Axtria CustomerIQ’s superior NBA decision and orchestration engines are driven by clean, trusted, and diverse data sets that provide every facet of information needed to devise effective omnichannel interactions. Healthcare professionals (HCPs) benefit immensely from the relevant and timely information that the sales reps are able to deliver, which strengthens their relationship with the life sciences companies.

  • Enables customer 360 to understand customer behavior
  • Rationalizes channel spend with micro-segmented precision
  • Real-time determination of ROI on marketing spend

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Sales operations takes significant investments. The speed and effectiveness with which actionable insights are delivered to the sales reps can drive positive returns on these investments. Consistently delivering on objectives help achieve scale in life sciences sales management.

Axtria SalesIQTM delivers for its target audience, sales reps and sales operations, helping them achieve their goals with transparency, accuracy, and speed.

  • Segmentation and targeting
  • Territory alignment and roster management
  • Call planning
  • Incentive compensation management
  • Field analytics and reporting

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Axtria MarketingIQTM enables marketers with analytical expertise to deliver insightful marketing analytics that drive business outcomes. With Axtria MarketingIQTM, Life Sciences companies can effectively plan operational strategies, evaluate brand performance, and implement advanced marketing tactics for commercial success

  • Enhance marketing efforts with omnichannel marketing
  • Leverage the pre-built AI/ML assets to run superior marketing analytics
  • Perform continuous modeling and achieve superior brand outcomes
  • Plan resources strategically and implement optimized budgets across channels
  • Field analytics and reporting

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Commercial Data Environment And Self-Service Analytics Enabled By Axtria DataMAx™

Given the high-risk and the investment, life sciences organizations need well-planned commercial launches to make the product successful in the market.

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