Know your customer better for precision targeting

    Shorten the path to prescriptions with multi-dimensional Healthcare Physician (HCP) segmentation and targeting

    Multi-dimensional HCP segmentation for precise customer targeting to ensure sales force effectiveness


    Life sciences companies' traditional customer engagement model is undergoing a paradigm shift. The availability of a multitude of data has ushered in the era of multi-dimensional segmentation and precision targeting. A micro-segmentation approach that understands the entire ecosystem deeply and scientifically is essential to enable effective targeting by creating personalized messages and content delivered through preferred channels at the right time.

    Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven frameworks to identify high-potential customer segments and institutions, interact with them with hyper-targeted messaging through relevant channels, and maximize sales impact.


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    Segmentation and targeting capabilities


    Segmentation design

    Construct sophisticated customer segments that are internally homogeneous and distinct. . Additionally, these include portfolio-based and affiliation-based segmentation.


    Segmentation analysis and simulation

    Simulate workload balancing and segmentation scheme changes that affect workload balancing.


    Customer targeting

    Account for unique market attributes, including structure, competitive situation, and channels.

    Typical benefits

    Accurate customer segments

    Flexibly identify (based on needs, behaviors, and attitudes) and profile the customers needed to drive your business.

    Actionable insights

    Insights such as segments to enter or exit, and segments with the greatest value potential.

    Driving downstream processes

    Customer segments utilized for downstream processes, such as call planning, response modeling, and sales force sizing and structure.

    Increased engagement

    Personalized marketing strategy targeting each customer segment with relevant messaging at an optimal time and frequency to increase rep targeting effectiveness.

    Standardized business process

    Faster and targeted go-to-market with flexibility across markets and brands.

    Collaboration and transparency

    Global one-view of strategy and tactics to ensure consistency and scale.

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