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Individually diverse, collectively inclusive

Axtria is diverse, inclusive, and a highly ethical company that values transparency, trust, and sustainability with a deep sense of purpose in all that we do.

We celebrate our diverse workforce and a culture
of equity, empowerment, and engagement

At Axtria, diversity and inclusion are an integral part of our mission. We believe that our employees should reflect the vast diversity of the communities we operate in, and that diverse voices should be heard and integrated into our work.

By embracing diversity of background, thought, and experience, we can augment our environment where employees feel valued, and are able to contribute their best in their own unique ways, leading to creativity and productivity.

We celebrate our diverse workforce and a culture of equity, empowerment, and engagement
Belonging gives purpose and meaning

Belonging gives purpose and meaning

Diversity is an imperative that reflects in our organization and also helps us grow and reach our goals. But diversity is only half of the story; inclusion is just as important. A system of Inclusion promotes and sustains a sense of belonging. When our employees feel they belong, not only will they thrive, so will the company.

We are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all our employees by assimilating inclusive behaviors into every aspect of our work.

A diverse and inclusive workforce inspires innovation and is fundamental to our company’s success

A welcoming and thriving environment

Axtria, as an equal opportunity company, treats associates with respect, dignity, and
above all, equality in all forms.

Equal employment opportunity

Axtria employs, promotes, and treats all employees and applicants on the basis of merit, qualifications, and competence and Axtria is committed to providing equal employment opportunity to everyone.

We further prohibit unlawful discrimination based on race, gender, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, mental or physical disability, medical condition, socio economic, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, veteran status or other protected status.

Our carefully crafted policies and practices guides our efforts to attract and retain the most qualified people for the required positions.

Equal employment opportunity
Inclusive leadership

Inclusive leadership

We are focused on developing self-aware leaders who empower diverse teams and foster an environment where everyone feels heard, respected, and valued.

We encourage our leaders to reflect upon their own inclusive behaviors, understand unconscious bias, cultivate curiosity, and practice intentional behaviors to foster belonging. This includes active listening, inclusive planning, and decision-making.

Women at Axtria

Women at Axtria


of our employees are woman


of our people managers are woman

Our gender diversity progress

Over the last decade, we’ve applied a multi-pronged, long-term gender diversity strategy to increase gender representation in leadership. These efforts have included research, senior leadership commitments, programs and initiatives to drive professional development and open up opportunities for career advancement, as well as thriving internal communities. 35% of our employees are women. Almost 30% of our people managers are women! It isn’t just the gender, but we are a fantastic mix of different generations, cultures, special abilities and varied educational backgrounds.

We are proud of the progress we’ve made in advancing gender representation in leadership, but our work is far from done. We continue to apply these and other strategies to move the needle on diversity across the board.



The Winspirations forum is an opportunity for all women at Axtria to gain exposure within the organization, learn about the practices of other colleagues, and share inspiring stories as well as insights about career development.
This platform enables employees to:

  • Promote women across age-groups, who aspire to create an impact, discuss success stories, and learn from each other
  • To establish new innovative ways to drive corporate empowerment of women
  • To provide a friendly, fun environment for women to learn from each other and share

African American Community

At Axtria, we take a strong stand against racism. We are committed to diversity and constantly work toward racial justice and inclusion.

We reaffirm our unwavering commitment to equality for all by taking actions to fight racism, create more opportunities of employment and advancement, and become more inclusive and diverse.

STEM recruitment drive for African American communities

Axtria has organized several fundraising initiatives over the years for the African American community at large. One such initiative in the recent past was the #EqualAtAxtria campaign for an organization that is working to end racism and supports diversity, namely the NAACP or National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI). This selfless organization helps disadvantaged Black families struggling to access resources related to early childhood, health and wellness, literacy, and family engagement.


Upliftment of the African American community

Public statement from our CEO Jassi Chadha

“At Axtria, we stand firmly beside black communities and others in the pursuit of equal rights, justice, and opportunity. We wholeheartedly believe that prejudice, hatred, and bigotry have no place in this world.

Today, we strengthen our pledge to ensure black lives are seen, heard, and valued. Further, we will continue harvesting our safe space upon Axtria values that call for deep friendship between humans across all walks of life.”

Click here to read the full article: A message from Jassi – Racial Injustice & Prejudice

Diversity and Inclusion Council

Our D&I Council consists of members from across the groups, gender, location, and level in the organization. It was established to cater to the increasing focus on bringing D&I to a more implementable level. The members of the council are self-motivated, who continuously strive to drive initiatives with passion.

As an organization, we actively promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer plus other (LGBTQ+) equity and awareness at work and in our wider society. We want everyone to be feel accepted, to be their best and true selves at work without the fear of discrimination.

At Axtria, we celebrate the LGBTQ+ Pride Month through education, because we believe that education allows us to better understand and bond with those around us.

As we open our hearts to hear people’s stories, we break down walls of uncertainty, and build up the foundation of our community.

Through education and understanding, we will harvest a stronger, more inclusive human race.

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