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Enabling biotech to bring novel and sustainable products to the market

Shaping new possibilities for patients through data-driven decisions.

Enable innovative treatments
addressing diverse medical needs

Biotech companies focus on fulfilling their mission of bringing innovative medicines to patients with rare and chronic diseases and many other devastating severe illnesses. The conjunction of domain and consulting expertise, data analytics, and technology solutions help companies achieve the following:

  • Make strategic growth decisions and develop innovative therapies for niche indications with small patient populations
  • Regulatory approvals and compliance for novel treatments
  • Informed drug commercialization
  • Improved physician targeting, sales, and marketing effectiveness to maximize cost-effectiveness
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Our work with biotech companies

Exploit opportunities and navigate challenges, building a foundation for strong growth and sustained value creation

Trusted partner for biotech

Patient data analytics for one of our clients resulted in 95% patient adherence and reduced patient journey data-to-insight time from once in six months to weekly. But this is just one example of how the biotech industry uses data analytics.