AI-powered brand analytics to unleash brand’s true potential

    From launch excellence to maximizing brand performance through AI-powered analytics that unleashes your brand’s true potential.

    Leverage AI-powered analytics to predict and proactively act to maximize brand performance

    Brand leaders across the life sciences industry are in constant pursuit of analytics solutions to ensure successful product launches and maximize brand performance. As individual physicians become difficult to tap, channels of digital marketing help deliver hyper-personalized messaging and have become the key drivers of customer engagement. All in all, personal, non-personal, influencer-based, and public promotions need to work together cohesively to maximize brand performance.

    In such a scenario, success stories will emerge out of being proactive with well-designed and executed marketing strategies that leverage AI/ML-based analytics for overall planning and evaluation to deliver timely insights.

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    We understand the critical questions you face

    Opportunity and threat identification

    Opportunity and threat identification

    • Does your brand face notable threats or opportunities from imminent short-term disruptive events in your market (i.e, LOEs, new entrants, and trial results or changing behavioral patterns)?
    • Are the threats and opportunities concentrated among a subset of physicians and patients?

    Institutional/payer constraints

    Institutional/payer constraints

    • What percentage of physicians have restrictive levels of institutional (i.e., IDN, ACO) and/or plan constraints?
    • What is the mix of promotional vs. institutional payers for driving choice for your brand?
    • Which HCPs face the most significant institutional and payer barriers?

    HCP targeting efficiency

    HCP targeting efficiency

    • Is your current HCP personal promotion targeting well-aligned with institutional and payer constraints, HCP historical responsiveness to promotion, or likely reaction to imminent market events?
    • What is the projected upside to your brand from modifying your targeting?

    Promotional effectiveness

    Promotional effectiveness

    • Is your current personal (P) and non-personal promotional (NPP) effective for driving choice for your brand?
    • Are there synergies across P/NPP and notable differences by physician and/or patient segments?
    • What is the projected upside to your brand from modifying your promotional emphasis and mix?

    Message effectiveness

    Message effectiveness

    • How effective is your current messaging strategy, and are there notable differences by physician and patient segments?
    • What is the potential increase in your promotional effectiveness from modifying your messaging strategy overall and/or by physician segment?

    Script flow/patient pathing

    Script flow/patient pathing

    • What are key script flow rates (rejection, abandonment) patient pathing metrics? Are there differences by geography, patient types, payer/plans, etc.?
    • What is the potential to mitigate adverse patient-driven script outcomes (i.e., abandonment or non-compliance) through targeted programs?

    Axtria’s integrated brand performance framework helps form a strong brand strategy throughout the product life cycle

    The Axtria ‘brand diagnostics evaluation framework’ helps measure brand performance and provides a custom identification of empirically-validated underlying drivers of brand performance​. This collective approach provides deep insights that answer critical business questions and reveals new brand opportunities.



    Post Launch

    • Product positioning
    • Messaging/channel preference
    • Targeting, reach/frequency
    • Patient journey and sales
    • Force analytics
    • KOL mapping
    • Opportunity identification and triggers
    • The evaluation of the effectiveness of:
    • Targeting, promotion, messaging, and channel
    • Adherence/compliance patterns
    • Script dynamics/patient journey
    • Opportunity/threat identification and triggers
    • Closed-loop evaluation of the effectiveness/efficiency and calibration of:Targeting, promotion, messaging, and channel
    • Scrip flow patterns, underlying drivers, and program evaluation
    • Adherence/compliance patterns, drivers, and program evaluation

    Our key offerings


    Brand performance

    Data-driven analytics across spend, campaigns, channels,territories, regions, and individual sales reps.


    Information integration

    A comprehensive view of metrics and drivers enablingsingle-version-of-truth breaking down silos.


    Performance drivers

    AI-powered analytics to help you identify andprioritize actions on the performance drivers.


    Data-driven decisions

    Enable leadership with data-driven insights and intelligence to take critical decisions.


    Scenario planning

    Compare scenarios for stronger budget planning and determine the most effective promotional mix at different stages in the life cycle​.


    Brand diagnostics evaluation framework

    Promotion design, resourcing, and allocation; reimbursement/ institutional constraints; and market/macro-economic factors.

    Customer success stories

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