Territory Alignment & Roster Management


    Maximize the outcomes through agile and responsive rosters and alignments

    Collaboratively build and evolve roster and alignment using analytics and scenario simulations.

    Efficient roster management and territory alignment for successful sales operations

    Traditional solutions offer static alignments often limited to personal promotions. Factors such as restricted physician access, increasing affinity for digital channels, and changing physician affiliations have made these solutions obsolete. Sales leaders and their teams need to respond with agility and efficiency.

    This requires implementing a modern roster management and territory alignment strategy that is collaborative and nimble, enables efficient people management, allows the sales organization to respond to market changes, and ultimately enables last mile execution via sales reps to seize the opportunities.

    Leverage Axtria’s roster management and territory alignment solutions, powered by a deep understanding of data and domain, strong process governance, and state-of-the-art cloud software to maximize the performance of your sales force.


    Roster management and territory alignment capabilities

    A single version of truth

    A single version of truth

    Get a single version of truth for employee roster and alignment data; integrated with upstream and downstream systems.

    Intuitive outcomes

    Intuitive outcomes

    Allow field and home office users to easily onboard new teams and products, create, edit, or delete territories, and manage people assignments on the fly.

    Insights and real-time triggers

    Insights and real-time triggers

    Triggers such as “next best reps” for vacant territories, territory summaries, and impact analysis enable insights at the point of making decisions.

    ZIP data validations and alignment audits

    ZIP data validations and alignment audits

    Ensure accuracy of deliverables for all downstream systems such as targeting and incentive compensation.

    A library of business rules

    A library of business rules

    Get complete visibility of all business rules with approval workflows and audit trails.

    Manage placement

    Manage placement

    Empower users to manage/swap placements transparently and efficiently.

    Typical benefits

    Roster Management


    Effective information dissemination

    Simultaneous and consistent data availability to all the​ different business functions.


    Cost savings

    Reduction in cost due to the elimination of a manual process.


    Cycle time reduction

    Reduction in cycle time for employee setup in case of new hires and transfers.


    Improved data accuracy

    Increased data accuracy by eliminating manual roster assignment maintenance in excel and emails.

    Territory alignment


    Enable design, planning, and collaboration

    Easy design and organization of multilayer sales territories to maximize financial success.


    Workload balancing

    Fair and equitable distribution of workload.


    Time efficiency

    50% reduction in alignment maintenance cycle times.


    Enhanced coverage

    Engage with high-priority customers to maximize sales opportunities.

    Breadth of our experience – Territory alignment and management

    Clients consulted

    9 out of top 10 pharma companies in the US

    Specialty teams deployed

    Clients with neurology, respiratory, oncology, and rare disease portfolio

    PCP teams deployed

    Clients with cardiovascular, diabetes, hypertension, etc.

    Large-sized teams deployed

    Clients with over 500+ reps in multiple sales teams

    Territories deployed for new roles

    Specialty reps, KAMs, case managers, CNEs, and trade & MSLs

    Large-sized teams maintained

    Executed alignment for specialty teams to transform end-to-end ops

    Customer success stories

    Case Study

    Data Analytics-driven Roster And Alignment Optimization For A Major Medtech Company

    Case Study

    Maximized Drug Launch Sales Through Effective Territory Alignment For A Biopharmaceutical Company

    Case Study

    Maximizing Sales Force Productivity Through Effective Territory Alignment