Channel Design & Management


    Design a hyper-targeted channel mix for a high-engagement customer experience

    Orchestrate the right blend of personal and non-personal channels for a rewarding messaging strategy

    Channel design & management

    The rules of all round customer engagement are forever changing in the life sciences industry. The only constant is the need to tap changing customer preferences and design a data-driven marketing strategy. With the advent of digital channels, companies are adding new virtual channels to their traditional channel mixes. They are emphasizing a blend of non-personal and virtual interactions and desire to move beyond a multichannel marketing strategy.

    This means that the next step from a multichannel promotional strategy is omnichannel customer engagement – a singular omnipresence for each customer. Marketing leaders can leap towards omnichannel marketing by orchestrating a tightly knit responsive and adaptive network of behavior-based channels. Axtria’s AI-driven channel design and management analytics solutions harness omnichannel customer and promotions data for unified and actionable intelligence on channel tracking KPIs.

    Benefits delivered


    ROI-driven promo channel analysis and recommendation for a $700 Mn+ global brand


    Channel-wise promo evaluation and budget optimization models for a blockbuster oncology drug


    Identified pointed actions for improved brand performance with omnichannel promotions’ impact measurement

    Measure, prioritize, andallocate marketing budgets across impactful channels


    Personal Channels

    Rep Detailing, Pharmacy Programs, SamplesDistribution, Teleconference, Emails


    Digital Channels

    Websites, Social Communities, Banner Ads,Mobile Aps, Smart Card



    Speaker Programs, Continuing Education,Symposiums, Webinars & Podcasts


    Mass Media

    Journals, TV Networks, Local Advertising



    Coupons, Vouchers, Starter Kits, Rebates,Adherence Programs, Health Kiosks



    DTC, Public Relations

    Customer success stories

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