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Responsive incentive compensation plan to motivate and reward the right behaviors and outcomes

End-to-end incentive compensation (IC) solution suite from design strategy to field reporting and analytics to achieve commercial excellence.


Read Blog / Trends and best practices across four strategic incentive compensation components for pharmaceutical sales teams

Drive commercial excellence with motivated sales force

The role of the sales rep is getting augmented with the infusion of technology that can enable them to be the orchestrators of omnichannel customer engagement. As the life sciences commercial models change, incentive compensation (IC) is also evolving to support this evolution while driving the right sales behaviors.

Getting the best out of sales operations requires designing and executing a motivating IC strategy. Multiple factors make this strategy and execution complex – team size, multiple therapeutic areas/markets/brand teams/vendors, account-based roles, a balance between global and local needs, etc. Despite these complexities, it is paramount to get-it-right to create an engaging and motivated sales force to deliver on the commercial objectives.

Align IC plans with sales objectives and team maturity at each stage of the product life cycle

Incentive compensation capabilities

Incentive compensation considerations

  • Sales force size (small vs. large)
  • Sales force structure 
  • Customer relationship channel (key account managers vs. regular sales reps)
  • Time period (long-term vs. short-term)
  • Therapy specific nuances (primary care, specialty, and rare disease)
  • Geographic scope (global vs. local)
  • Industry segment type (pharma, biotech, and med tech)
  • Channel strategy (single channel, multi-channel, and omnichannel)

Typical business results

Typical business results-Icon1

Time efficiency

up to 100%
adherence to goals release and payout timelines

Typical business results-Icon2

Ease of access

up to 95%
field adoption

Typical business results-Icon3

Mobile enablement

up to 30%
home office empowerment

Typical business results-Icon4

Cycle time

up to 35%
reduction in cycle time

Typical business results-Icon5


up to 100%
payout accuracy

Typical business results-Icon6

Onboarding of a country

as quickly as 4-6 weeks after discovery

Breadth of our experience


$1.5 BN+



Mature and Emerging Markets

US, LATAM, UK, Europe, Japan, China, Australia






SLA adherence



Therapeutic areas