Improved productivity with meaningful insights

    Accurate and timely field reporting and analytics to enhance rep performance.

    Insightful field reporting and analytics to driveorganizational growth

    Field teams in the life sciences industry are experiencing a paradigm shift due to restricted access to physicians, stricter regulations, and the constant pursuit to become more productive to drive sales outcomes. In such a dynamic environment, timely and insightful reporting becomes the bedrock for enhanced performance.

    A modern cloud-based field reporting solution ingests, validates, and integrates all relevant data sources and delivers timely and meaningful insights to key stakeholders – sales rep, sales leadership, home office, or any member of the administrative teams – in a user-friendly and easily accessible way to make informed business decisions.

    Allow insights-driven sales operations to drive organizational growth. Get access to sales reports that cater to several roles and needs, such as sales planning, sales performance tracking, and productivity improvements.

    Field reporting and analytics capabilities

    Business insights for the sales team

    Business insights for the sales team

    Make informed sales force strategy decisions with actionable insights specifically for sales reps, district managers, and regional managers.

    Role-specific dashboards

    Role-specific dashboards

    Find the most relevant KPIs and field insights for your specific role. These dashboards beautifully represent key field performance metrics meant for consumption by varying decision-makers.

    Sales effectiveness KPI library

    Sales effectiveness KPI library

    Closely track sales force effectiveness with a library of 200+ sales effectiveness KPIs. These pre-defined KPIs provide a holistic view of each rep’s performance on the field and enable informed decision-making.

    Mobile access for real-time dynamic analytics in the field

    Mobile access for real-time dynamic analytics in the field

    Access easy-to-understand insights, both online/offline across the web and mobile devices.

    Google Maps integration for location-based analytics

    Google Maps integration for location-based analytics

    Leverage location-based analytics to create the right territories, assign the right personnel, target the right customers through the right channels, and measure and reward high performance.

    Typical benefits



    Reduction in weekly refresh time



    Reduction in report response to filters and dropdown changes



    Increase in platform adoption



    Reduction in post-launch field inquiries


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