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Improve provider engagement to drive better health outcomes

Technology and domain expertise


Partnering of the 4 PS to drive better health outcomes

Bringing the right content to the right profile and tapping the right channel to enable a seamless customer 360 experience

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  • Field Excellence
  • NPP Interactions
  • Seminars
  • Patient Engagement
  • Advocacy Groups
  • Digital
Pharmaceutical company

Pharmaceutical company



Policy makers


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  • MSL Interactions
  • Patient Support Programs
  • Adverse Events Reports
  • Clinical

4P Touchpoints

4P Touchpoints


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SOLUTIONS Syndicated data Non-syndicated data

Sales CRM Medical CRM Therapy area data CMS Content management
Targeted support content Personalization Data platform Omnichannel data hub Analytics & insights

Omnichannel landscape services for 3600 customer engagement

Customer Data Platform

  • Identity Management
  • Journey analysis and mapping
  • Trigger orchestration
  • Single customer view

Customer Data Platform

Omnichannel Data Hub

  • Vendor management
  • Consent management
  • Data integration
  • Unification

Omnichannel Data Hub​

Customer 360 Analytics

  • Customer LTV
  • Channel cadence
  • CARE score
  • Payer score
  • Customer 360 dashboards

Customer 360 Analytics

Omnichannel Decision Engine

  • Prioritization
  • Business Rules engine
  • AI ML algorithms
  • A/B Testing

Omnichannel Decision Engine