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Innovative technology solutions to address the emerging life sciences industry challenges


Role of technologies, What it means and what it can do for the life sciences


Data sources and volume are exploding! More than 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years alone, and it’s not slowing down! By 2025, experts predict 200+ zettabytes of data will be on the cloud. There is data available on just about everything – most importantly, patients and their journeys. However, all this data is useless unless the life sciences industry can act on it! Bridging the gap between industry experience, data environment, and growth in technology infrastructure is the key.

Axtria helps organizations with domain expertise and technology know-how. Our capabilities include:

  • Cloud platform: Data management, MDM, cloud migration, consulting , BI on cloud
  • Big data and data lake: Big data frameworks, analytics workbench, data lake, NLP,  text mining
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) –  AI/ML algorithms, model development and maintenance, ML automation and deployment
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Axtria recommends intelligent and connected ecosystem

Technologies are required at every step to realize the true value of data-analytics- planning-operations – it provides unprecedented scale and flexibility

Unprecedented scale and flexibility

Outcomes of technology applications for life sciences

  • Lean, real-time, future-proof, scalable end-to-end data to insights to operations capability
  • Automated core processes to support execution needs of different commercial and clinical functions
  • Analytics powered by AI/ML to enable informed decision making and optimal resource allocation

Real impact for life science industry

Real impactor for life science industry icon1

Accelerated data-to-insights - 1 day vs. 5 days

Real impactor for life science industry icon3

Reduction in data management cost - 30%

Real impactor for life science industry icon5

Increased productivity of home office users - 30%

Real impactor for life science industry icon2

Enhanced business data quality rules by 20 times

Real impactor for life science industry icon4

Reduction in data processing time - 60%

Real impactor for life science industry icon6

Increased productivity of field reps - 15%

Accelerates an organization’s journey from data to insights

* Based on impact generated for 100s of clients across 1000s of projects