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Incentive Compensation Benchmarking Study – 2020 Results

Incentive Compensation (IC) is a powerful lever for motivating salespeople, driving behaviors, providing strategic direction, and driving sales force effectiveness. ...


HEOR Value Demonstration and Evidence Generation Challenges

Interest in the field of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) has grown exponentially as healthcare systems seek to provide the best possible health outcomes at affordable ...

Specialty Data


Specialty Pharmacy Data Value Management

Contracted specialty pharmacies and hubs provide patient status and dispensing data to the manufacturer. Integration of patient statuses and dispense datasets provide a 360 patient ...

Do Pharma Companies Need To Rethink Their Sales Operations Design?

White Paper

Do Pharma Companies Need To Rethink Their Sales Operations Design?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many long-term changes to the pharma industry. One area that has seen effects directly caused by COVID-19 has been in sales operations desig ...

Covid-19 Recession V/s The Great Recession

White Paper

Why The COVID-19 Recession Is Different And More Dangerous Than The Great Recession

The need for empirical analysis of these dynamics is critical to the successful operation of pharma companies. Pharma executives need to take note and accordingly make plans not on ...

Forecasting And Analytics Techniques for Pharma Companies

White Paper

What Analytical Techniques Should Pharma Companies Implement To Forecast COVID-19 Effects?

This white paper reviews the importance of companies conducting subnational econometric analysis on drug demand estimation and forecasting. Companies need to understand these effec ...

Upcoming US elections 2020

White Paper

What Is At Stake For The Pharma Industry From The Upcoming 2020 Elections?

The upcoming November 2020 presidential and congressional elections represent a key event for the pharma industry. Current industry focus is on COVID-19, the effects from public po ...

Specialty Pharmacy


Specialty Pharmacy: A Unique And Growing Industry

This point of view report explores the changing dynamics of the specialty pharmacy industry and highlights implications for pharmaceutical companies in terms of demand generation, ...

COVID - 19 Impact on Pharma Industry

White Paper

Will The Pharma Industry’s Response To COVID-19 Positively Affect Its Image? A Commentary

The pharmaceutical industry has stepped up in a big way in search of vaccines and effective treatments for COVID-19. One reference cited at least 250 drugs and 95 vaccines under in ...

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