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Sales strategy with real-time insights to maximize customer engagement and drive performance

Optimize sales processes and resources, deliver excellent customer experience, maximize customer value, and drive sales.

Sales force effectiveness (SFE): A strategic imperative

Life sciences companies are transforming their sales operations to: 

  • Understand the target HCP segments based on their prescribing criteria, content needs, and channel preferences. 
  • Optimize sales force size and structure to target physicians, institutions, and accounts.
  • Motivate teams with the desired sales behaviors, right KPIs, incentives, and rewards. 
  • Leverage technology to transform sales operations to make real-time insights accessible to take the next best actions. 
  • Orchestrate a seamless customer experience between personal and non-personal promotional channels. 

Companies leverage SFE solutions to create a highly informed and motivated sales force to deliver customer and commercial excellence.


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Our service offerings

Leverage Axtria’s AI/ML-driven frameworks and multi-dimensional segmentation approaches to identify high-potential customer segments and institutions and interact with them through hyper-targeted messaging. Our solutions enable:

  • Accurate customer segmentation
  • Downstream processes
  • Increased engagement
  • Standardization of business process
  • Collaboration and transparency

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A single source of truth for employee roster and alignment data.

  • Intuitive outcomes to easily manage people and territories
  • Insights and real-time triggers at the point of decision making
  • Transparent and efficient management of placements
  • ZIP data validations and alignment audits to ensure accuracy of deliverables

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Life sciences companies are assessing their current call planning processes, creating a 360-degree customer view, and devising a strategy that enables them to tap into practitioners, non-prescribing influencers, and accounts in a synchronized way. Our solutions allow:

  • Collaboration across teams and channels
  • Multichannel call planning
  • Mobile accessibility for field productivity
  • Guardrails to maintain control and governance
  • Configurable business rules and approval processes to manage changes and their impact
  • Quality control reports to pinpoint issues in call plan generation

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Incentive compensation (IC) is a strategic tool used by life sciences companies for motivating the field to drive desired behavior and outcomes. Our solutions allow:

  • IC plan design and goal
  • Incentive plan simulations
  • Data management and plan administration
  • Reporting of sales team performance and plan effectiveness
  • Comprehensive auditing and history tracking capabilities

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Deliver real-time field performance insights to make the sales reporting process easier, seamless, and exciting to drive the right sales force behavior through

  • Sales force strategy decisions with actionable insights
  • Location-based analytics
  • Role-specific field insights
  • Tracking the sales force effectiveness with a library
  • Mobile access for real-time analytics in the field

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Our engagement model

Consulting services
  • Strategic integrated solutions with agile, flexible, and scalable frameworks and and thought leadership.
  • Improved commercial outcomes, reduced costs, and better operational turnaround times.
Managed services
  • End-to-end business process management leveraging people, process, and platforms.
  • Bring industry best practices, cost savings, and create internal capacity for more value-add engagements.
Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Robust on-cloud, SaaS-based data to insights  to operations with Axtria SalesIQ.
  • Platform driven business processes, self-service capability, and seamless technical support.

Business benefits

Customer engagement

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Icon-Arrow-Up 60%+


Icon-Arrow-Down 30%+


Icon-Arrow-Up 15%+

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Icon-Arrow-Up 30%+

Ad hoc spend

Icon-Arrow-Down 60%+

Cycle time

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Transparency and data access

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Enhancing field experience –
helping them sell more and win more
Enabling home office for a strategic
role to drive growth

SFE through Axtria SalesIQTM

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Enterprise-grade end-to-end integrated sales planning and operations

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Easy maintenance, governance, and control

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Sales operations automation and efficiency gains

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All data processing happens inside Axtria SalesIQ™

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Self-service empowerment and collaboration

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Smart execution with embedded analytics