Trusted data for timely and informed decision-making across the enterprise

    Integrate and standardize structured and unstructured data to enable faster insights using cloud technology.

    Integrated data to enable faster and accurate insights

    Data and information can generate immense business value only if it is standardized, integrated and unified to derive insights. Without that, information is akin to scattered pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Data-driven insights to enable timely and informed decision-making can help life sciences companies at every step, from drug discovery and clinical trials to commercial operations.

    Most life sciences companies have the data, but the full value of this data is not harnessed. Axtria’s Information Management solutions allow you to unlock tremendous value through integrated data and a connected ecosystem by enabling faster and accurate insights.


    Challenges and business needs across the enterprise


    Heavy product pipeline in different therapeutic areas, and onboarding of new products


    Different reporting needs for different teams such as field, home office, brand, and executive


    Managing a high volume of cross-functional HCP and HCO data


    Data available in silos with different versions of the truth


    High maintenance cost of multiple systems and high infrastructure investment


    Consumption of enterprise-wide data and integration of various workstreams such as sales, marketing, and managed markets to make strategic decisions

    Enabling data-driven insights across the enterprise

    Home Office and Executives


    Sales Force, Brand Teams


    IT Infrastructure


    Data Scientists and Analytics Users


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    Bringing Sales, Performance Summary, Forecast, and Competitive Insights for Executive Leadership and Home Office users to make strategic business decisions in real-time.

    Trusted Data | Breaking Silos | Meaningful Metrics

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    Answering critical business questions to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of sales and marketing strategy.

    Integrated Data | Intelligent Visuals | Next Best Action

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    Unparalleled innovation with integrated technology- agnostic cloud-based glassbox solutions.

    Robust | Secure | Scalable | Agile

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    Real-time insights enabled by integrated data with a holistic view across business functions.

    Self-serve Data Exploration | Intuitive Insights | Storytelling

    Our offerings

    Data engineering

    Big data analytics and data lakes

    Master data management

    Business intelligence and data visualization

    Data engineering

    Building a robust cloud data platform requires a strong data foundation. Data monetization can be achieved only if the data is enriched, standardized, integrated, and governed effectively.

    Axtria’s DataMAxTM can be leveraged to draw a deep knowledge of metadata to derive actionable business insights.



    Big data analytics and data lakes

    Speed, scale, and consistency can win competitively, and gain top of mind recall with healthcare providers.

    Axtria’s information management is inherently developed on big data frameworks, principally with data lakes. With an architecture enabled by Natural language processing (NLP) and ML to onboard >300 life sciences data sets, structured or unstructured, and a pre-built business rules library, we can turn around data into role-determined insights consistently, in no time.



    Master data management

    Capturing data residing in multiple places to enhance HCP/HCO interactions, patient reach, payer performance, and product life cycle is not just good to have, but extremely critical for life sciences companies.

    Axtria’s cloud Master data management (MDM) solution can create and maintain a reliable, sustainable, accurate, and secure cloud-based data environment that represents a “single source of truth.” Thus, enabling a 360-degree view of integrated master data.​



    Business intelligence and data visualization

    The crux of a comprehensive cloud BI platform is to extract value from data and present it in a way that business users can strategize and make quick decisions.

    Axtria offers “future proof” BI platforms with pre-built capabilities and accelerators spanning across user personas and therapeutic areas, easily scalable to global markets.


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