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360-degree engagement for a personalized customer experience

Timely meaningful interactions → Better customer experience → Appropriate treatment Rx → Better patient outcomes

Customer 360


Healthcare physicians (HCPs) are reserving in-person meetings for matters of the highest priority and prefer to communicate on their schedule and chosen medium. Pharma sales and marketing teams need to augment traditional engagement strategies with prompt, relevant, and consistent messaging through customer-preferred channels. Rich customer insights will help marketers to develop meaningful and personalized messages.

Leverage customer footprints across multiple channels to accurately define and precisely target dynamic customer personas with distinct preferences, enabling reps to deliver the right message at the right time.

Case Study / 50% faster customer onboarding with scalable intelligence on omnichannel interactions

Customer success

  • Higher engagement rates
  • A better customer experience
  • Improved brand adherence
  • Accelerated patient journey


increase in treatment NRx


customer net promoter score (NPS)


email delivery rates


increase in customer analytics productivity

Solutions offered

Digital metric

Ensure engagement efficacy with the right metrics across each channel. Our pre-built library of extensive digital KPIs is designed to ensure thorough campaign planning, broadcast, and tracking.

Digital engagement

Engage contextually with customers, drive loyalty, and ensure successful campaigns by identifying their digital journey across various touchpoints.

Digital optimization

Approach customers strategically with Axtria’s digital marketing insights, optimized for the multichannel, multistakeholder digital market.

360-degree data management

Leverage in-house, traditional, and digital data sources to reveal the most accurate persona of customers, with 360 data management frameworks on cloud.

Customer engagement

Customer engagement levels across multiple promotional campaigns and generate an actionable engagement score to hyper-target opportunities and risks.

Brand sentiment analysis

Listen to customers’ voice on brands for informed marketing strategies by leveraging proprietary media channels, social chatter, and news data.