Operationalize data to enable confident strategic business decisions​

    As the volume of life sciences data continues to increase, analytics is the engine that will drive the future – demonstrating drug value, increasing promotion efficiency and effectiveness, and enhancing commercial advantages.


    Through artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled technology and strategic consulting, companies are:​​

    • reaching the right market and customer
    • reaching and servicing the right patient with the right treatment at the right time
    • ​driving customer loyalty and return on investment (ROI)
    • accelerating sales growth​

    ​The life sciences and healthcare industries have harnessed the potential of data and data technology to cure and prevent diseases for a healthier future.​

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    Through a high-touch engagement model, accelerate digital transformation, strategic
    decisions, and precision execution.​

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    Life sciences strategy consulting services

    Life sciences organizations collaborate with us to impact any stage of a company or product life cycle.

    Select the product life cycle stage to get a glimpse into the solutions we provide to solve complex business challenges and seize strategic opportunities.

    Pre-launch/ clinical


    Scale & management

    Loss of exclusivity (LoE)

    • Mapping of healthcare ecosystem (payers, providers, patients, and key opinion leaders)
    • Competitive insights, predictive risks, and opportunity tracking
    • Access to tools to provide payers with outcome measures supported by patient-level simulation
    • Establishing a data sourcing strategy and data model
    • Brand launch tracking through dashboards that monitor uptake and brand adoption
    • Monitoring promotional sensitivity (personal and non-personal promotions)
    • Patient journey, specialty pharmacy performance, and hub services tracking to reduce turnaround time
    • Monitoring field execution and targeting effectiveness
    • Sales and marketing data integration for modeling (marketing mix and omnichannel)
    • Sales force strategy assessment and commercial model design that is scalable, supports future indications, and aligns with the varying local market needs
    • Recommendations to enhance patient support programs to drive growth
    • Scenario analysis and associated LoE impact assessment
    • Pre-LoE assessment and planning to design LoE defense strategy to preserve brand equity and patient loyalty
    • Post-LoE multichannel promotional, partnership, and pricing strategy

    Featured solutions

    Omnichannel customer experience

    Treat customer interactions in multiple channels as part of one unified customer journey for greater customer engagement and superior financial outcomes.

    Applying AI/ML

    The application of AI/ML in life sciences enables agility, efficiency, and transparency across every facet of commercial operations, eventually leading to better patient outcomes.

    Motivated sales force

    Life sciences organizations can achieve commercial success when their reps are adequately cared for with the right commercial planning, operations processes, and innovative approaches to sales force effectiveness

    Customer 360

    Accurately define and precisely target dynamic customer personas with distinct preferences, enabling reps to deliver the right message at the right time through customer-preferred channels.

    Marketing ROI

    Leverage analytics to maximize return on marketing investment by predicting the best set of targeted tactics across multiple channels and customer personas for new, intermediate, and mature brands.

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