Drive a true multi-channel call plan experience

    Engage the right customer, at the right time, over the right channel.

    A modern multi-channel call planning solution to engage with the customer universe

    With the advent of new digital channels, changing preferences for interaction, evolving physician affiliations, and shrinking rep access to physicians – improving customer experience has become a strategic imperative for life sciences companies. Companies that embrace multi-channel call planning to engage with practitioners and accounts will have a winning differentiation in a crowded marketplace.

    Transform today’s sales rep to an “augmented sales rep” who is empowered with timely insights about each target physician and account. Train them to leverage AI-driven next best actions to ultimately orchestrate a seamless experience across the entire customer base for last-mile execution of sales force effectiveness. Create a 360-degree customer view, manage affiliations, and devise a strategy that enables reps to engage practitioners, non-prescribing influencers, and accounts in a coordinated fashion.


    Call planning capabilities

    Multi-channel call plan generation

    Multi-channel call plan generation

    Design the optimal customer engagement plan to include rep-controlled non-personal channels like phone, email, and virtual meetings as well as personal channels for face-to-face calls.

    Multi-channel call plan refinement

    Multi-channel call plan refinement

    Give the sales team the opportunity to update call frequency, segment information, and channel preference with extensive configurability.

    Quality control reports

    Quality control reports

    Get detailed quality check reports to enable pinpointing of issues in call plan.

    CRM system integration

    CRM system integration

    Seamlessly connect call plan to execution systems

    Workflow approvals

    Workflow approvals

    Manage call plan changes and their impact by configuring approval workflows, guardrails, and time windows.

    Rep adjustments

    Rep adjustments

    Allow rep adjustments coordinated across sales teams

    Critical business problems and value delivered

    Driving sales efficiency through multi-channel call planning

    Manage and execute MCCP processes across the globe to ensure access to real-time call plans, shorter call plan cycles, and greater ownership and compliance of the call plans

    Streamline end-to-end commercial operations

    Ensure 100% payout, alignment and call plan accuracy, proprietary algorithm to generate multiple call plan scenarios and enhanced user experience across the footprint

    Increased efficiency and effectiveness of call plans

    Ensure sales force access to call plans through the Axtria SalesIQTM call planning module, which supports account and physician level call plans development and roster changes during the feedback window.

    Target list creation

    Develop a systematic approach to create a target list for physician detailing by applying data analytics to extensive information sets. Leverage APLD and business rules to identify potential additional targets by disease state.

    Breadth of our experience

    Clients Consulted

    11 out of top 20 pharma companies in the US

    Therapeutic areas deployed

    Including gastrointestinal, Dermatology, eye care, pain

    Call plan deployed

    Across traditional and specialty products


    Territories with ROI/hybrid call plans

    Cost reduction

    Average reduction in total cost

    Trained associates

    Deepest bench of call planning trained talent in industry

    Customer success stories

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    Omnichannel Rep Call Planning to Enhance Engagement

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    Driving Sales Efficiency Across Digital And Traditional Channels Through Multi-Channel Call Planning

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    Call Planning Implementation For Multiple Sales Forces Of A Top Tier Pharma Organization