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What are your digital transformation goals?

Is Digital Transformation just a buzzword and do you want to join the bandwagon OR do you want to create real value?


Infusing digital in commercial models to keep pace with clinical innovation

Digital technology is causing beneficial mutations in the life sciences industry, ushering in a new era of evolution. Data is making it possible! The pace of clinical innovation is accelerating through newer therapies and delivery systems with a record number of regulatory approvals and the time to redefine the commercial models to keep pace is now.

The digital transformation is already rolling. Defining goals to meet real-world digital objectives is critical, or else losing an uphill battle is on the cards!

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Building blocks that define goals. Assess your current state!

Great feedback – not real-time

Multi-channel planning

Siloed products

Excel and SQL-based analytics

Traditional data sets

On premise

Group 47175

Real-time market feedback

Omnichannel customer engagement

End-to-end integrated

AI-enabled analytics

Big data-enabled

Cloud native


Cloud and software technology are enablers

3600 data is essential for decisions

Enterprise systems coming together

Innovation is constant

Customer engagement is omnichannel


Digital is a culture

Evidence-driven transformation

Systems adaptive to stimulus

Innovation is sustainable

Customer is a part of the decision

Axtria’s digital transformation office

Whatever the current state of digital evolution, there’s always a ‘what’s next!’

Define vision and goal

Digital Transformation Office (DTO) to
produce a future state roadmap


  • A current-state assessment – capabilities and enablers
  • Gap analysis by comparing to Axtria’s Digital Transformation framework
  • Future-state roadmap and definition of DTO to execute on the vision


Future-state roadmap with business and
technology states and timelines

Current state

– Candid audit of digital capabilities and enablers
– People 101 for mindset to change

Document current state

  • Need for change – customer need, evolution, competition
  • What is working well, what isn’t, and why


Requirements and best-practices using Axtria’s framework

Roadmap to create the future state and way forward

  • Gaps – current and need
  • Current state and to-be state

Future state

Implementation and change management

Socialize and align

  • Transparency, communication, outcome
  • Hand-hold, scale, consistency of implementation, long-term benefits

Axtria’s digital transformation ecosystem provides the ability to engage as per need!


Intelligent sales planning and operations

  • Integrated end-to-end sales operations
  • Rep mindset and motivation
  • Reporting
Axtria InsightsMAx Logo

Analytics industrialization

  • Workbench
  • Asset library
  • Integration with consuming apps
  • Portal

Omni-channel customer experience

  • NBA for reps & marketing techs
  • Customer (provider, patient, payer) journey
    mapping and analytics, and channel orchestration.
Axtria DataMAx Logo

Cloud information management

Group 47269

Data ingestion and onboarding

Group 47236

Quality and processing

Group 47234

Business rules management system

Group 47272

Catalog and lineage

Group 47274

Administration and governance

Group 47276

Information portal

Digital transformation resources

Group 47426

Stakeholder life-changes

Transformation means change! Everyone’s life will change. Our experience helps change management and future normalization.

Group 47433


From changes in data to insights to planning to operations,
succinct playbooks help drive transparency to change.

Group 47429


Digital transformation CoEs constantly work to calibrate
roadmaps and include innovation.

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Use case libraries

A crawl-walk-run runbook for data, customer, home office, and sales rep journeys.

Group 47428

Business rules libraries

A ‘drag and drop’ set of business rules helps accelerate
outcomes. Building libraries provides a level of automation
to managed services.