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Empower intelligent interactive decision making

Collaborative analytics development across diverse business personas for faster business insights

Axtria InsightsMAxTM

Axtria InsightsMAx™ is a cloud-based, unified analytics product built for the Life Sciences industry, with a rich reusable library of data preparation capabilities and analytics models across sales, marketing, payer, patient, and trade domains. The product allows for the collaborative development of analytics and facilitates interactive decision making across diverse personas within the business.

Axtria’s deep life sciences experience is infused in every aspect of Axtria InsightsMAx™ and helps users build industry specific modules and workflows enabling faster insights across use cases.

The benefits of collaborative analytics workspace

Business value derived from the right system

Democratize analytics, empower users


Extend data science capabilities to a broader set of business users through expanded process accessibility and standardized data analytics environments

Scale, efficiency, and effectiveness

Industrialize analytics operations reduces total cost of ownership and provides next best actions recommendation formulated from recent activity data combined with a prediction model and simulated outcomes

Foster experimentation for data scientists

Provide personalized labs for experimentation without production environment disruption with the help of analytics and technology unification

Axtria InsightsMAxTM  process

Axtria InsightsMAxTM differentiators

salesiq-diff-icon-1 Analytics as asset

  • Drive continued organizational value by developing analytic assets, not throw away model development projects
  • Build future analytics solutions with a pre-built library of reusable Life Sciences data analytics business assets
  • Enjoy business and technical scalability with a robust analytic asset governance environment

salesiq-diff-icon-2End-to-end analytics solution

  • Enterprise analytics solution, not just a collection of tools, with harmonized processes and integrated data journeys for analytic use cases
  • Drive broader organizational use and participation. Caters to multiple personas beyond the data scientist
  • Turn-key analytics infrastructure delivers comprehensive integrated solution driving faster deployment and time to value

salesiq-diff-icon-3Full transparency

  • Complete visibility into data models, business rules, processing logic, and project organization
  • Clearly identified access rights, and asset owners
  • Unified user experience with centralized provisioning of workspaces and compute/storage resources