Enabling animal health companies to realize their larger mission – healthy animals, healthy humankind

    Leverage data-driven insights to advance care for animals through innovative, smart, and effective solutions.

    Innovation across the continuum of care – predict,prevent, detect, and treat

    The need to effectively monitor and prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases, ensure a safe food supply through healthy livestock, increasing pet adoption, and the trend of pet humanization are fueling the growth of the animal health industry. The e-commerce boom, increased spending by livestock and pet owners, and government oversight and initiatives are creating a conducive environment for the industry.

    To compete successfully in the growing animal health industry, companies have started leveraging big data, cloud software, and analytics to:

    • Monitor animal health trends and detect emerging health threats
    • Accelerate drug discovery and development
    • Facilitate precision animal management
    • Ensure efficient, accurate, and automated incentive compensation operations
    • Enable data-driven, omnichannel customer journeys

    Bring to bear the innovation to drive a better future for animals, humans, and our planet.

    We speak equine!

    Leverage our team of experts with rich experience across animal health data and data-driven analytics capabilities to make quick, well-informed decisions to drive your business forward.


    Animal health capabilities

    Commercial strategy

    • Promotional response
    • Marketing mix
    • Segmentation and targeting
    • Territory alignment and roster management
    • Call planning
    • End-to-end incentive compensation
    • Sales reporting


    • Inline products forecasting
    • New products forecasting
    • Business development forecasting


    Leverage our omnichannel capabilities and orchestrate a full AI/ML-driven next-best-action (NBA) based on a multitude of factors such as:

    • Channel
    • Content
    • Resource constraints
    • Customer preferences
    • Portfolio
    • Campaigns
    • Plan of action

    Data management and integration

    • Data management and strategy
    • Big data analytics
    • Business intelligence