Faster time to insights for emerging pharma

    Axtria’s DataMAx™ Emerging Pharma solution helps you realize the full potential of your data and analytics. It is a cutting-edge SaaS solution that meets your price and performance objectives, ensuring seamless data management, powerful analytics, and actionable insights. At Axtria, we deeply understand emerging Life Sciences companies’ unique needs that focus on research-based medications for specific diseases and personalized medicine for a limited patient population. Our products and business model are strategically aligned to propel your success.


    Turning challenge into opportunity

    A variety of data sources, including prescription (Rx), claims, field sales, etc., are required to generate crucial field intelligence dashboards necessary for commercialization decisions. Emerging Pharma companies face numerous challenges with skilled resources and tight budgets to generate timely and accurate insights for sales teams to excel in the field and drive the company’s overall success.


    Effective Sales Force Performance

    Ready-made reports on sales rep performance, geography performance, and customer behavior empowers sales teams with real-time insights, driving better results.


    Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership

    Pre-packaged components and automated data processing enables business stakeholders gain near real-time access to actionable reports for making crucial business decisions.


    Scalability for Growth

    As companies grow, their data needs become more complex, "Data to Insights in a box" is an enterprise grade solution designed to scale and support continuous commercial growth.

    Use cases

    Pre-launch analytics

    New drug development, especially vaccines, is considered high-risk and expensive. To achieve commercial success, Life Sciences companies need a robust commercial data environment and analytics capabilities to make informed business decisions and realize their true potential.

    Drug commercialization

    You can streamline data operations, enhance data-driven decision-making, and drive the success of your drug commercialization efforts with confidence.

    Effective sales performance

    Leverage key data points to assess marketing channel efficiency, identify new markets, and evaluate sales rep performance, enabling informed decision-making for achieving effective sales performance and gaining a competitive edge.

    Commercial data management

    Empower Life Sciences organizations with efficient commercial data management capabilities, enabling them to harness the power of data for strategic decision-making and business success.

    Axtria’s DataMAx™ Emerging Pharma Capabilities


    Eliminate Data Silos | Unified Data View

    Aggregate structured and semi-structured data from various Life Sciences sources into a comprehensive solution.


    Accelerate Deployment | Ready-to-Deploy Components

    Kickstart your data journey with our pre-configured ingestion definitions, pipelines, connectors, and reports tailored for critical pharma commercial data sources.


    AI-driven decisions | Integration with OpenAI technology

    Intelligent data management powered by OpenAI and ChatGPT automates sophisticated data pipelines with natural language processing.


    Drive growth | Ready to use Business Reporting

    Enhance informed decision-making with our comprehensive suite of ready-to-use business reports. Sales managers and home office teams can leverage valuable insights on geography performance, customer 360, brand performance, and sales to drive revenue growth.


    Unified Data Fabric| Smooth integration with existing systems

    Seamlessly exchanging data with other systems ensures smooth integration with your existing systems, making it a versatile addition to your data infrastructure.


    Optimize data utilization| Flexible data distribution

    Facilitate effortless creation of data marts for downstream analytics use and reporting. With Axtria’s DataMAx™ Emerging Pharma, data stewards can distribute data across systems and users.

    Strategic partnerships

    Customer success stories

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    Power data to insights with Axtria’s products

    Axtria DataMAxTM

    Axtria DataMAxTM is the next-generation, cloud-based data management platform for Life Sciences, that enables accelerated and actionable business insights from trusted data.

    Axtria SalesIQTM Field Intelligence

    Axtria SalesIQTM Field Intelligence enables Life Sciences reps to flawlessly orchestrate sales activities by delivering insights that are unique to each brand and can easily scale to meet the needs of a growing portfolio.