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KNIME is an open-source Analytics Platform, focusing on the authoring of DSML workflows and projects. As a commercial product, KNIME Server focuses on automation, deployment, and orchestration capabilities. KNIME is globally diversified, with a strong presence in Europe and the U.S. Its client base spans all industries and company sizes.

KNIME continues to evolve and develop its vision for bridging the gap between development and production and offering new ways for data scientists and end-users to collaborate.


Benefits of KNIME – Axtria solutions

Axtria and KNIME have been OEM partners since 2020. Axtria uses KNIME as its inherent modular workflow engine, which documents and stores the analysis process in the order it was conceived and implemented while ensuring that intermediate results are always available.

  • Scalability through sophisticated data handling (intelligent automatic caching of data in the background while maximizing throughput performance).
  • High, simple extensibility via a well-defined API for plugin extensions.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Import/export of workflows (for exchanging with other KNIME users).
  • Parallel execution on multi-core systems Command line version for “headless” batch executions.
Axtria InsightsMAx Logo

Axtria has developed strong InsightsMAx™ capabilities with KNIME by building internal capacity and delivering Data Science consulting projects for pharma customers leveraging InsightsMAx™. We have more than 200+ certified and trained resources on KNIME.

  • Deploy a fully scalable global model, of talent and services to enable best of breed analytics.
  • Pre-built, proven, and continuously evolving data and analytics templates based on 10+ years of experience.
  • Streamline business/IT systems and processes with a common layer for a workbench, analytics, orchestration, and business applications.
  • Embed analytics at the point of decision to improve top-line growth and bottom-line optimization.
  • For co-creation, management, and dissemination of analytics to enable cross-functional personas across the business, analytics, and technology.
  • Quicker time to market and response times, self-serve capabilities, and enhanced collaboration leading to a competitive advantage.

About InsightsMAx

Axtria InsightsMAx™ is a cloud-based, unified analytics product built for the Life Sciences industry, with a rich reusable library of data preparation capabilities and analytics models across sales, marketing, payer, patient, and trade domains. Axtria InsightsMAx™ allows for the collaborative development of analytics and facilitates interactive decision making across diverse personas within the business.