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Demonstrate patient outcomes for desirable market access scenarios

Evidence-based outcomes publications for preferred positioning across all managed care stakeholders.

Market access

Demonstrating patient outcomes from prescribed treatments is the cornerstone of positioning life sciences products in the managed care landscape. Without using real-world data (RWD) to analyze evidence and publishing them for managed care stakeholder references, life sciences companies would fail to ensure real patient impact and commercial success. Such analyses help determine the ideal pricing and contracting arrangements to ensure that appropriate patient groups get affordable access to prescribed treatments.

With deep experience across traditional and emerging market access data sources, Axtria’s AI-driven solutions cover the evidence to contracting journey for life sciences companies. Axtria’s suite of market access solutions harnesses the power of cross-channel data sets to provide ‘where to play’ and ‘how to win’ strategies in a multistakeholder model.


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Proven solutions for all market access needs

Real-world evidence (RWE) analytics

Real-world data (RWD) processing and management, when used along with AI/ML RWE models, can help healthcare stakeholders demonstrate the value and meet growing evidence generation requirements. Learn More

  • AI/ML model to quantify the magnitude of misdiagnosed patients for targeted intervention
  • New product insights into market access through patient sub-population model
  • Identifying “biologic ready” patients for better insights into the overall disease burden
Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR)

HEOR analytics coupled with strategic partnership can help life sciences companies scale health economics and evaluation capabilities, skills, and resources, globally. Learn More

  • A fully customizable and transparent cost-effectiveness model for a pre-launch drug
  • A budget impact model to assess financial consequences of drug adoption from payers’ perspective
  • Estimated RWE-based disease prevalence for granular patient segments using an optimization algorithm
Managed markets

Managed markets analytics can help tap each stakeholder and define the critical competitive advantage to spell the difference between the real-world success or failure of life sciences products. Learn More

  • Predict brand share impact with market access and contracting changes
  • Measure the impact of payers on brand performance with multivariate modeling
  • Analyze market access scenarios to enable granular plan-level contracting decisions
Patient analytics

Data-driven and AI/ML-based pricing and contracting solutions can help improve contract evaluation, streamline data, and automate analytics workflows throughout the contract management life cycle.

  • Centralized data sources and an online tool to standardize the contracting decision process
  • Customized modeling solution to support payer negotiations and deal analysis
  • Simulated scenarios for contracting and formulary changes impact on brand performance