Enabling life sciences decrypt reimbursements

    Establishing a sustainable and effective payerstrategy with analytics

    Transforming market access by addressing a wide range of key business questions

    With the changing landscape of the pharma and life sciences industry, it has become imperative for pharmaceutical companies to work in tandem with payers to drive more value to patients.

    Pharmaceutical companies need effective strategies to get the best reimbursements for their drugs, making it affordable for payers so that patients can access effective therapies easily.


    Rapid, consistent and sustained access to medication


    Fairly priced drugs


    Higher formulary listing


    Value- based contracting


    Payer analytics at Axtria

    Addressing a wide range of key businessquestions related to Payer analytics


    Pricing & Contracting


    Market Access


    Health Systems
    Account Managers


    Payer Insights & Analytics

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    Payer insights

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    Copay program design

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    Analytical KAM

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    Contracting decision

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    Patient hub analytics

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    Payer IDN segmentation

    • Payer Utilization Management
    • Define Payer Control
    • Payer performance
    • Optimum Copay level
    • Switch classification
    • Copay curve analysis
    • KAM Effectiveness tools
    • Patient-level simulation
    • Graphical outcome measures
    • Contracting lever analysis
    • AI-enabled Contracting decisions
    • Spillover analysis
    • Patient volume, adherence
    • Specialty Pharmacy Effectiveness
    • ML-based Patient adherence
    • Data-driven payer segmentation
    • Qualitative research with payer profiling