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customer engagement

Automate and optimize the efficiency of sales and marketing channels, enable omnichannel customer experience, and drive higher revenue.


Axtria CustomerIQTM

Axtria CustomerIQTM is the most advanced omnichannel-driven customer engagement solution for the life sciences industry. It enables personalized interactions, at scale to optimize commercial activity.

Axtria CustomerIQTM combines the power of AI/ML-based analytics with a unique knowledge of the customer journey to recommend Next Best Experiences (NBX) through Next Best Action (NBA) recommendations, significantly improving the interaction between the life sciences company and its customers. Axtria CustomerIQTM provides a complete, continuous 360° view of the customer while automating and optimizing the efficiency of both sales and marketing channels, driving higher revenue.

The benefits of superior NBX customer engagement

Personalized customer interaction


NBA recommendations leveraging disparate data sets to optimize customer engagement channels

Improved ROI and commercial success

Enhance brand stickiness by intuitively addressing provider needs

Scalability and seamless integration

Integration with downstream CRM systems drives seamless omnichannel execution

Axtria CustomerIQTM provides:

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Axtria CustomerIQTM differentiators

salesiq-diff-icon-1Low code self-service operations

Get up and running quickly with minimal technical implementation effort

salesiq-diff-icon-2Superior open AI

Flexibility to interact with or bring your own AI models

salesiq-diff-icon-3Customer-focused data-centric architecture

Life Sciences specific focus on data complexities, regulatory environments, and commercial models



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