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Unleash marketing ROI with stronger customer reach and engagement

Plan, deploy, and measure customer-focused promotional strategies to drive multichannel synergies and maximize returns on marketing investments.

Marketing ROI


Marketing strategies are evolving fast with volatile customer preferences across numerous digital channels. Brand leaders need predictive analytics solutions to smartly plan, execute, and evaluate marketing campaigns backed by accurate channel-wise intelligence for optimal budget allocation. Digital marketing data varies in granularity, is challenging to harness, and needs robust data management to precisely derive actionable marketing insights. 

By successfully deploying data-driven and tested promotional strategies, pharma brand leaders can expand market reach and gain a higher marketing return on investment (ROI) for products spread across the commercialization life cycle. Enable maximized returns on marketing investment by predicting the best set of targeted tactics across multiple channels and customer personas for new, intermediate, and matured brands. 

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increase in promotions ROI


YoY channel ROI effectiveness


increase in multichannel marketing ROI


incremental brand sales across channels

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Solutions offered

Marketing-mix modeling

Optimize budget allocation and drive promotions ROI. ML-based models can forecast the sales impact of multiple channels with data from 40+ channel partners.

Marketing dynamics

Drive marketing ROI by accounting for channel-stakeholder interactions to ensure well-planned campaigns.

Spend analytics

Simulate sales under multiple scenarios, optimize channel-wise budget allocations, and measure promotion response to maximize marketing ROI.

Customer interaction

Increase brand relevance and maximize sales potential with tailored engagement across customer touchpoints. Such precision amplifies brand adoption and loyalty, leading to higher ROI.

Brand portfolio intelligence

Execute insight-driven brand decisions by simulating market scenarios, customer preferences, and competitor tactics for strategized campaigns and favorable returns.