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Nurturing the leaders of tomorrow

Axtria has always focused on talent development as a strategic imperative. Our cutting-edge on-the-job and instructor-led trainings are competitive and best-in-class. They are aimed at helping all employees stay ahead of the curve and achieve their full potential.

For Axtria, learning is an agile and ongoing process that is woven into each workday.  In today’s fast-paced world, we leverage modern learning technologies for a holistic and continuous approach. We help employees build, sustain, share, and apply knowledge to have an impact on business results.

An Institute par excellence

The Axtria Institute (AI) was launched in 2013 for learning and development of all our employees. Today, the AI has come a long way after significant investment of capital, executive time, and state-of-the-art learning methodology building an institute par excellence. It offers one of the best trainings and certifications in the Analytics industry.

Our multi-facet learning and development framework has been designed to help our associates “earn” certifications in multiple disciplines to ensure an all-rounded development in the Analytics space.


Provide the best training in the Analytics industry and build world-class capability


Develop and deliver training to bridge the identified skill gaps.


Ensure employees succeed in meeting business goals


Empower employees to overcome the challenges and attract the best talent

An ecosystem for continuous talent development

We provide a plethora of learning solutions for technical, domain-specific, functional, and behavioral skills. The AI offers a well-designed, easy to access platform to the employees. The training programs are timely revised and updated in line with the constantly evolving requirements of the Analytics Industry.

Axtria associates are communicated their learning targets and mandatory training courses at the beginning of the year. Learning target compliance is considered as one of the key parameters during annual performance appraisals.

The Axtria Institute activity snapshot


No. of associate enrolments


Across functional, technical, and domain categories



No. of associate enrolments


Total certificates awarded after evaluation

The phased and flexible approach to training and skill development at the Axtria Institute

Competency-based trainings for overall skill development

Self-paced training

Learn at your own pace and schedule using the material in the LMS.

Instructor-led training (ILT)

Learn along with your peers with a subject matter expert.

Blended approach

Complete self study first and clear doubts in the classroom with an instructor.

Our varied learning and development programs help our trainees “earn” certifications in multiple disciplines. A quarterly training schedule is rolled-out to the entire organization with details on training planned in the forthcoming months.

Our all round development and upskilling methodology


Continuous Education Policy (CEP)

CEP provides meaningful learning opportunities to our talented associates to further their knowledge, skills, and career aspirations by enrolling into external programs accessible via MOOC platforms (training and industry benchmark certifications). These programs are not covered in the internal catalog. Axtria reimburses the training/certification cost of these programs.

Skill-enhancement and rewards for trainers

Axtria Institute Certified Trainer (AICT)

Axtria Institute Certified Trainer (AICT) Program is aimed at strengthening the quality of training programs to ensure robust and effective delivery by training and certifying trainers. The program focuses on developing subject matter experts and future leaders through proactive and continuous skill enhancement.

Trainer Credit Policy

This policy recognizes the efforts put by associates in helping the AI conduct trainings, develop new business relevant courses, and improve the existing ones to enhance the AI catalog. Associates are awarded points (called “credits”) for going beyond their ‘day-job’ related responsibilities to deliver trainings or create material.

Building Blocks of Data Science

Turning new hires into data wizards

The structured and full-time induction training program, called “Building Blocks of Data Science,” is the cornerstone of the Axtria Institute. It helps the new hires acquire an effective mix of foundational skills in domain, technical, functional, and behavioral categories. We also conduct hands-on exercises for technical courses, such as SQL, Python, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Power BI to make the virtual session more engaging and interactive.
These are further enhanced and developed during their journey at Axtria by way of several interventions customized to their role and chosen career path. This sought-after program is unique in its design, rigor, and execution!

6 weeks

of intensive ILT-based training




End-to-end project

The program ends with an elaborate ceremony, where those who complete the program receive
their certificates and the best trainees are rewarded by the Country Head.

From idea to innovation at warp speed


This program provides our creative thinkers with an ecosystem to nurture their ideas and influence or participate in future developments, while collaborating with subject matter experts.

The structured process from ideation to sponsored innovation serves as the springboard for new and better solutions, thereby delivering superior value to our customers. It provides a medium to apply your learning to solving problems.

“In my 12+ years of professional experience, I have never come across any organization that invests so much in professional development programs the way Axtria has done in the form of role-play sessions and AICT workshops. It was interesting to see how the issues that we usually face while training individuals or groups were modeled in the workshop. An explanation of the measures to be taken facilitates the trainers with a new toolbox to convey the right information/message to trainees as well as enables them to handle tricky situations.”

– Ankur Jain

“One thing that sets Axtria apart from other organizations is the emphasis and encouragement of upskilling all employees. Axtria provides enough opportunities via the Axtria Institute and other avenues to learn the latest technology skills, be it machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, or any other Analytical technology. The minimum eligibility criteria for CEP is now reduced to just 6 months, which is a great opportunity for all new joiners!”

– Anurag Singh

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