Futuristic data analytics for strategic decision-making

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and data science-enabled actionable insights to benefit all aspects of the life sciences value chain.

    Advanced analytics

    Data-driven insights, recommendations, and decisions are at the forefront of all life sciences strategies, comprising:

    • Optimal brand coverage and performance across managed markets
    • Omnichannel customer-centric and patient-focused marketing
    • Actionable insights for precise patient journeys
    • Commercial models for real-world complexities
    • Sales force strategy to generate higher sales

    Axtria’s advanced analytics solutions offer adaptive services across the data value chain, making insights scalable, agile, and cost-efficient.


    AI/ML-driven decision making

    Patient-Analytics-Icon-1 Patient analytics
    Trade-Analytics-Icon-1 Trade analytics
    Sales-Analytics-Icon-1 Sales analytics
    Marketing-Analytics-Icon-1 Marketing analytics
    Payer-Analytics-Icon-1 Payer analytics

    Solution enablers








    Innovation HUB

    AI/ML-enabled decisions across the product life cycle

    Pre-launch/ clinical


    Scale & managment

    Loss of exclusivity (Loe)

    • Predictive selection for patients and site
    • Precision medicine
    • Likelihood of adoption-based target identification
    • Look-alike potential patient identification
    • Segment based for estimated future potential
    • Personalized promotions using predicted HCP channel affinity
    • Identify next best action and sequence of promotions
    • Proactive tactical design by predicting and likelihood of patient switch and non adherence

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    Solutions for all business functions

    Commercial model design (CMD)

    Commercial model design (CMD) provides a data-driven AI/ML-backed approach towards sales force strategy. It enables life sciences organizations to reach the patients faster, more efficiently, and with the right plan based on therapies and channels.

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    Sales force sizing and structure

    Practical sales force strategies help generate higher sales, detail multiple products, support new product launches, and defend against new competitive product launches.

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    Sales analytics

    To drive commercial success, companies need AI/ML-driven optimization algorithms and deep experience in data, technology, and therapy areas to enable sales operations efficiency.

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    Marketing analytics

    Marketing analytics capabilities provide integrated marketing mix design and evaluation across personas, channels, and messages.

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    Managed care analytics

    Design ‘where to play’ and ‘how to win’ strategies in a multi-stakeholder model. Health economics-based AI/ML models account for health value beyond efficacy to ensure portfolio-based innovation and best-in-class outcomes.

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    Patient analytics

    AI/ML-driven patient analytics and associated data sources leverage a combination of deductive and inductive logic for solving patient problems.

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    Customer success stories

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    8% Jump in Revenue With an Axtria MarketingIQ - based Global Marketing Mix Solution

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    Data Analytics-driven Roster And Alignment Optimization For A Major Medtech Company

    Case Study

    Marketing Mix Analysis For A Specialty GI Drug Contributed Significant Top-Line Growth For A Top-10 Pharma Company