The medical devices industry is highly intricate and constantly evolving. It faces constant macroeconomic pressures and hosts a dynamic customer and product portfolio. Due to the underlying complexities, the end-to-end commercial process can be under-rewarding. Limited facetime in today’s virtual world creates a hurdle for medical device sales and marketing teams to meet targets and optimize performance. Companies need to prioritize data-driven and insights-oriented operations to succeed in the highly competitive market. Accurate planning, communication, and execution of sales operations are critical to ensure commercial excellence in the medical device industry.

    Challenges impacting the medical devices industry

    Stringent regulatory environment

    • Stringent compliance and audit requirements
    • Outcome based contracting models
    • Increasing cost pressures

    Complicated sales process

    • Demonstration and services oriented selling
    • Demand for clinically and technically skilled reps
    • Complex sales crediting rules

    Data complexities

    • Disparate and disjointed data sets
    • Lack of formalized sources of data
    • Large unstructured data sets

    Dynamic customer base

    • Multiple selling contact points
    • Paradigm shift towards virtual sales channels
    • Relation-based purchase decisions for certain products

    Volatile product portfolio

    • Intricate products hierarchies
    • Rapid product innovation
    • Fast product obsolescence

    Our Solution

    Axtria’s medical devices solutions, powered by product suites such as Axtria SalesIQTM – Axtria’s integrated cloud-based product suite, can manage the end-to-end planning and operations workflows, with complete audit trails for compliance. They can drive the correct behavior to achieve strategic goals and company vision while improving productivity across various business and support functions, including sales field and management, human resources, finance and accounting, compliance, customer service and success, and account management.

    • End-to-end integration
    • Self-service collaboration
    • Data validation and governance
    • Smart execution with embedded analytics
    • Efficiency gains
    • All processing within Axtria SalesIQTM

    Differentiators that uniquely define us


    Proven partner for global life sciences companies


    Deep domain-driven data and analytics expertise


    Life sciences-savvy seasoned workforce


    Proven product-suite and analytics COE models


    Experience across multiple commercial functions


    Agility and quality – right the first time