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All-round marketing effectiveness with customer-focussed

5-Step Guide / Market proof your promotional investment

Marketing effectiveness

The customer is one of the most effervescent/interesting personas in the healthcare ecosystem. Most performance metrics for all life sciences companies directly rely on grabbing the physician’s (HCP) attention and effectively communicating product and treatment benefits. If the HCP is convinced of a product, they will prescribe the treatment to the appropriate patient populations, increasing brand sales and improving patient health.

With virtual channels gaining momentum, life sciences marketing and brand leaders are rapidly transforming their promotions strategies. They are focusing intensely on a 360-degree understanding of the customer, accommodating a preferred mix of digital and face-to-face channels for communications, evaluating brand performance to design impactful strategies, and effectively measuring marketing return on investment (ROI) to stay true to the ground reality.

Axtria’s suite of marketing effectiveness solutions covers all areas of interest to ensure high-impact brand affinity throughout the product lifecycle.

Integrated products and services to deliver rewarding marketing effectiveness

Enhanced promotions ROI and brand affinity

Axtria CustomerIQ™

  • Data Console App
  • Visual Analytics App
  • Triggers App
  • Promo-Investment App
  • Campaign Management App
  • ROI Analyzer App

Axtria InsightsMAx™

Axtria DataMAx™

AI/ML Marketing Effectiveness Solutions

  • 360-degree Digital Engagement
  • Customer 360 Data Management
  • Channel Design & Management
  • Promotion Design
  • Marketing Mix Modelling
  • AI-based Campaign Intelligence
  • Spend Analytics
  • Brand Portfolio Intelligence
  • Brand Sentiment Analysis
  • Brand Performance Measurement

Proven solutions for all promo-effectiveness needs

Customer 360 Analytics

Customer 360 analytics leverages customer footprints across multiple channels to accurately define and precisely target dynamic customer personas with distinct preferences, enabling reps to deliver the right message at the right time.

  • Increase in rep productivity and treatment prescriptions
  • Improved insights with optimized customer analytics productivity
  • Impactful promotion strategies leading to improved communication and customer penetration
Channel Design & Management

AI-driven channel design and management analytics solutions harness multichannel customer and promotions data for unified and actionable intelligence on channel tracking KPIs. 

  • ROI-driven promo channel analysis and recommendation
  • Channel-wise promo evaluation and budget optimization models
  • Non-personal promotions evaluation for optimization opportunities
Brand Analytics

Sophisticated brand analytics solutions provide a holistic marketing framework for overall brand strategy planning and evaluation, allowing for corrective action.

  • Significant market share increment for brands across the portfolio
  • Building a true brand advocacy score by leveraging social media conversations
  • Online campaign management for a direct-to- consumer campaign
Marketing ROI Analytics

Marketing ROI Analytics enable maximized returns on marketing investment by predicting the best set of targeted tactics across multiple channels and customer personas for new, intermediate, and matured brands.

  • Increase in promotions ROI
  • Increase in multichannel marketing ROI
  • Incremental brand sales across channels